[Travel] All about Amazing Vacation at Korea Jeju on Spring Season – April, 2013 (Day 2)

by - Thursday, August 22, 2013

We arrive at Incheon International Airport, next day is around 07:35 am (Korean time) or 06:35 am (Malaysia time). The different time between Korea and Malaysia is only 1 hour. I’m so excited when arrive at Seoul, Korea. I feel super duper happy. (^_^)

We meet our Korean’s tour guide, after we take our luggage. The day that we arrive at Incheon International Airport is raining and the temperature is so cold, almost around 6-8’C. That my first time feels the natural cold, normally feel cold because of air condition. She told us that our flight to Jeju Island on 14:15 (Korea time) so we have time to visit some place in Seoul, Korea before we flight to Jeju Island.

The first place of tour in Seoul, Korea is Sarangcahe Presidential Museum. This museum is all about Korea’s cultural and president of South Korea. To informs visitors about Korea’s past, present and future. In this museum, show us about famous Korean drama and K-Pop. It’s so nice. I love it that part. Hahaha

Near by of Sarangcahe Presidential Museum is Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul – the main palace during Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910). This palace is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. This place is the great place to learn about Korea’s history of palace’s life. This palace so big and it have so much building that has the different name and function. I feel so cold and tired because of raining and I have to take long walk to visit other building in that palace, but still nice. In my opinion, people in Joseon Dynasty like to take long walk to go visit their place.

After that we straight go to Iteawon to lunch at Indian Food Shop. What can I said, Iteawon almost as like Bukit Bintang in Malaysia. These places have the most foreigners in Korea and this place too is the easy way to Muslim tourist to find halal foods – it’s because this place have International Mosque Itaewon. It’s easy to go Iteawon by use subway – just exit to Iteawon station.
P/S: Please beware your beg when you at Itaewon.

After lunch and pray at International Mosque Itaewon, we straight go to Gimpo Domestic Airport. Actually, the weather is still raining and our flight to Jeju International Airport was delay almost 3 hours but our tour guide always keep checked our flight. After 3 hours waiting, finally Korean Airlines decide to take our group to the fast flight to Jeju International Airport. Our flight from Gimpo Domestic Airport was 15:55 (Korean time) or 03:55 pm. 

We only have 30 minutes before our flight time to Jeju International Airport. The Korea Airlines was open the fast link for check-in luggage. After that, they escort us to our airplanes before our flight time. Actually, I quite nervous and worried, if our luggage not at Jeju International Airport because the period so short but they do their jobs so well. I respect their work so well. All getting smooth, we arrive safe at Jeju – around 18:00 (Korea time) or 06:00 pm. International Airport. The weather at Jeju Island also same like in Seoul, Korea is still raining and strong winds.

Then, our tour guide asks our driver bus to bring us to Mystery Road for our first tour in Jeju Island before our dinner. Actually when we look at Mystery Road just the normal road like as road in Malaysia too but the mystery of this road are the engine of vehicle will automatic turn off and at the same times, the vehicle will going up like climb the mountain. This road is only around 500 metes and it has road mark from start point and end point. This road was found by one of Jeju’s driver taxi and he feels something happen on his taxi. These roads make me deny Newton’s theory on gravity and until now nobody know how it happens.

After we visit Mystery Road, we straight go to Seafood shop for dinner. We not go to Sea Lady Museum because of too late and the museum already close by 18:00 pm (Korea time). Here, all fish are fresh and sweet include cabbage kimchi. It’s so different at Malaysia. I already fall in love with Korean foods.

Then, we proceed to go our hotel. The journey from Seafood shop to our hotel makes it almost 1 hour. So I and my friends was sleep in the bus because we so sleeping and tired. We take two flight in one day, that is international flight and domestic flight.

Our hotel at Jeju Island, it is so nice and big. I love it so much. 

Second day journey at Jeju Island is already the end... Stay Tune~ My story of third day at Jeju Island...

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