[Journal] Happy~ (^_^) with my Korean Exam Result...

by - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I feel so happy with my Korean Exam result, that I take on 22 February 2013 even thought I get Grade B. To me, it's okay because I don't have enough time to study my Korean.  

I start take serious to study Korean language is end last year - December, 2012. That why, I choose to study Korean at Inter-Cultural Language School, Bukit Bintang (ICLS) because this place close with my working place. Now I already pass my Korean Exam, that make me can continue study Korean for next stage - Beginner Level 2. Actually, I study Korean as part timer, after my working hour - every Tuesday & Friday on 7-9 pm. My Korean teacher name is Park Seoung Ho Seongsanmin. He so good & understand what he teach. He also ask student, if have anyone don't understand what he say & explain.

Today, I can read Korean character but  I still don't know what it mean even thounh I can read it... Writing?? I still poor with it, but I study hard on it...

Anyway, I want to say BIG thank you to all my Kpopper Chingu & my family that always support me & wish my luck for my exam. Thank you  so much. I appreciate what you guys do for me. ~ (^_^)

I know that Chingu want me to teach you all Korean Language,, I will teach it but after I back from my holiday next month... Waiting for it~~~

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