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by - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I found this contest from Facebook last week...
This contest from Korea Tourism Organization, this contest about writing blog about Korea and the winner have chance to meet 2PM and Miss A, famous K-Pop idol groups artist in Korea and at the same time the winner will get experience the Korea Tour with them...
That sound so COOL to me!!! Right???!!!

안녕[annyeong] or 안녕하세요 [annyeong-haseyo] is most common word that Korean people say everyday. But this word have 3 mean; first is Hi, Hello, Good Morning, and Good Afternoon; second is Goodbye or in formal phrase is [annyeong-ee-keseyo]; last mean is Wishing you many blessing...

With this 3 meaning, what "Annyeong" mean to you??? To me, "Annyeong" not to mean goodbye forever... It will always mean Hi or Hello to me... (^_^)v

I LoVe everything about Korea such as culture, foods, interesting places around Korea, Korean language, Korean fashions and of course K-Pop stars...

Actually the most inspired me about Korea is the Korean's culture,.. what make me say like that because I like to learn about their healthy lifestyle's. I learn a lot of about Korean healthy lifestyle's is when I watching TV program "Vitamin" from KBS World and other healthy TV program from KBS World. Now my lifestyle, mostly like them and one of my favorite healthy drink is "Brown Rice Tea."

The nutrients in Brown Rice make up 60% -70% of our daily needs. Rich in Vitamin B group (B1 and B3), minerals: manganese, selenium, iron and fibber, regular consumption of brown rice and a healthy lifestyle may help lower cholesterol, reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and colon cancer. The high fiber content of brown rice has good effect on controlling cholesterol and is of prime importance in keeping away heart disease. I already try it... Now my healthy become good than before... (^_^) Try it~~~

Korea have many healthy foods that we can try it~~~

Bimibap - is a casserole (bap or bop means rice) based on rice, and it included pieces of meat and seasoned vegetable and is topped with a fried egg.

Bugogi (with alternate spellings of pulgogi or bul go gui) - is the name for the famous Korean barbecue dishes. Thinly sliced beef pieces are covered with fragrant barbecue sauce and cooked at your table over a charcoal grill. There are many version using different meats such as jae yook gui (pork) or dak bulgogi (chicken), with other choices including fish, shrimp and squid. When the meat is cooked it is dipped in barbecue sauce and served wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Mool Naeng Myun - is a popular cold Korean beef broth soup generally served with buckwheat noodles, sliced beef brisket, julienne cucumber, pickled Korean radish, slices of Asian pear and half of a hard boiled egg.

TTeok (Rice Cake) - this desert dish is made by frying, steaming or boiling rice or other grain powder mixed with a little water.

Kimchi (Seasoned and fermented vegetables) - this dish is made by marinating Korean radish and cabbage with salt, seasoning it with garlic, green onion, red pepper, ginger and salt-fermented seafood, and fermenting it.

Hangwa - is traditional Korean sweets and cookies. It is rice or wheat flour dough mixed with honey, yeot (sticky rice sugar), and sugar and then deep-fried, It is also made by simmering fruits and plants' roots in honey syrup until they are glazed. It also called as joqwa, which means cookies made of natural produce by adding artificial flavor. There is a wide variety of hangwa, such as yakgwa (deep-fried honey cookies), sanja (deep-fried sweet rice cookies), ganjeong (deep-fried sweet rice puffs), yyeotgangjeong (malt toffees), dasik (traditional pressed sweets), and jeonggwa (candied fruits and roots).

Maehwa-teok (Apricot-shaped rice cake)

Korean Royal Cuisine - the style of cookery within Korean cuisine traditionally consumed at the court of the Joseon Dynasty, which ruled Korean from 1392 to 1910. There has been revival of this cookery style in the 21st century. It is said that twelve dishes should be served along with rice and soup, with most dishes served in bangjja (bronzeware).

Looks delicious right??? Actually, not only this the healthy Korean foods but have more healthy Korean food... I hope I can try when I go to the Korea... Original from Korea... (^_^)

I always dream to go many interesting place at Korea since I watching TV variety program "2 Days 1 Night" from KBS World. On that show, they have introduced many interesting place around the Korea to foreign like me.. Plus with their funny games that always make me laugh and I never miss watch every episode of "2 Days 1 Night" until now. 2 Days 1 Night is very interesting variety program and because of this program I already exposed many interesting place that I want to go... (^_^)    

Seoul Plaza (in front of Seoul City Hall), the Floor Water Fountain

Banpo Fountain Bridge in Seoul - the fountain has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records last December as the world's longest bridge fountain. The fountain is also known as a "Rainbow Fountain" because of its gorgeous night view where over 200 lighting feature a beautiful rainbow.

Laser Show on Gwangandaegyo Bridge (Busan Metropolitan City)

From Tradition to Modernity (Seoul, Changdeokgung Palace)

Haechi and Gwanghwamun Gate (Seoul)

Cheongyecheon Stream, Seoul - the Fashion Plaza (Wall of Culture) is a symbolic spot along Cheongyecheon (Stream) between Jongno-gu and Jung-gu, Seoul. It is surrounded by giant fashion malls (such as Doosan Tower and Migliore) and is decorated with a colorful wall of fabrics from Dongdaemun's fashion district along with mural painting (Wall of Culture) by five artists.

I also love the nature environment at Korea, such as river, forest, waterfall, mountain and sea. Korea also have a lot place of nature environment and all of them, so beautiful to me.. I hope I can go there to feel the real experience of nature environment in Korea.

Seongjusan Recreational Forest in Chungcheongnam-do

Jiri Beach in Cheongsando Island, Jeollanam-do Wando-gun

Cheonjiyeon Falls, Jeju-do

Guicheondong Valley, Muju Jeollabuk-do

Odosan Mountain, Hapcheon, Gyeongsangnam-do

Beautiful it's??? I feel so relax when I saw those pictures... (^_^)

Nowadays, internet is the most important things to all, from internet I can stalk everything that related to Korea, mostly the idol until the Korean Hallyu Wave a speared around the world.

Korea always made me jump in excitement. I have a lot of information to share from my view of Korea, that why this topic is the best topic to me. When I talk about Korean Culture, foods, interesting places or anything about Korea, my heart always race and fast... so excited am I???

This year I start learn Korean language seriously by myself. Actually I want to learn at Korean Tourism Organization from the professional teacher but their schedule not match with my schedule. That why I decided to learn by myself.. Of course from book... (^_^)v

Last but not least, I found something interesting and unique about Korean culture when I watching online TV variety program from internet about new debut K-POP artists. I love their spirit's of hard working to achieve their dream to become Korean Hallyu Stars around the world.

Because of that I love to learn more about Korean culture and I want to feel the experience by myself. To be honest, I'm totally a K-POP fan..Since kid, I'll already exposed and start like Korea by watching Korean Drama such as Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart and so on...

Now everyone around the world known K-POP, mostly teenagers and youngsters. The Korean industry is mostly led by young idols regardless bands, solo male or female artists that focuses a lot on one of a kind dance steps, unique and different music genres, bizarre and special outfits that capture a lot of attention which is imitated by many youngsters all over the world.

Like I says before their spirit's of hard working when their still in training before their debut as the K-POP artist. During their trainee period might be very tough and tiring but because of their perseverance and the hungers for success, they managed to overcome all these difficulties and make them different person after debut.

I known that the ambassadors for the Korea Tourism Board is the two of the famous Korea bands are 2PM and Miss A and of course I would be delighted to meet them, face to face. Just of one in million chance to go on a Korea Tour with them. To be honest I am personally is the big fans of 2PM and Miss A since their debut until now. The "10 Points out of 10" is the first song of 2PM when their debut plus with their well-known acrobatic moves and good dancer of B-Boys, make their latest album "Hand Up" hit around the world.  I not have any experience yet to meet 2PM or Miss A face to face, even thought 2PM already came Malaysia for their concert. 

With the great dancing skills, exceptionally good vocals and of course their so petty in real life, make I like Miss A since their debut with a song "Bad Girl Good Girl" which is very good vocal and powerful performance of song "Breathe" to their recent one "Touch". The latest "Touch" album is totally make them different from the previous album and their songs really fresh to me. Actually I found the Korea World Premium of Interactive Movie "annyeong" from the official site of Korea Tourism Organization in Korea, that  match with the title of Miss A album "Touch"; which is "Touch Your Dream" and this contest is "Touch Korea Tour"... (^_^)

Korea is the best country to explore because Korea is the place that very rich in culture and it would be great to experience by myself. I would be more thankful to be able to be participate in this awesome journey to explore Korea, to taste the origins of good food and good music, and to learn more about the different culture, community and society.

Two dream in one opportunity in my life~ That why I think I have to take this chance of the event "Touch Korea Tour with 2PM and Miss A". I feel so happy when Korean Tourism Organization make this contest and I would like to thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization for make this contest. (^_^)

Hi Seoul Festival

Try to watch this movie of "annyeong" from Korea Tourism Organization with 2PM and Miss A. Feel the experience with them in 3 days... (^_^)v

Go this link to feel it real... Try~ (^_^)

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