[Entertainment] Teen Top members clear up the controversy surrounding the lyrics for Going Crazy

by - Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boy group TEEN TOP has made a successful comeback with their new song “Going Crazy“, but the lyrics to the song have recently been swept up in controversy.

L.Joe‘s rap lyrics are facing controversy because a few words when spoken quickly can be mistaken for profanity. L.Joe personally tried to relieve the misunderstanding by writing on his me2day and Twitter pages, “I think there were a lot of people that were rather shocked after hearing our rap. But, we are not cursing in the song so don’t worry. I too will make sure to enunciate each syllable properly. And even if you are having a bad day and decide to sing our song “Going Crazy” to relieve some stress, make sure you don’t slur the words by accident!”

Fellow member Changjo also wrote, “I’ll be very carefully watching L.Joe hyung who does the rapping and our fans who cheer us on!! Okay now, shall we say each syllable to the words properly as we listen to “Going Crazy”? Keke. Ji! Oak! Got! Ah!”

The lyrics to “Going Crazy” ‘Ji Oak Got Ah‘ (Feels like hell) when slurred or repeated quickly sound like Korean profanity, and the song was quickly thrown into controversy.

In related news, the boys who have returned with a fierce new look have made a successful comeback on the 5th, captivating fans with their new dance moves.

Source: Allkpop

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