[Entertainment] Kwon Ri Sae’s Agency Denies Rumors About Plastic Surgery

by - Saturday, January 07, 2012

After photos from Kwon Ri Sae‘s new advertisement for a Korean bag brand were released, netizens became suspicious of the singer’s new appearance, as it seemed too different from her usual self. Many began speculating that Kwon Ri Sae might have gone under the knife.

However, Kwon’s label company slammed those suspicions down during a phone interview with OSEN.

On January 6th, a representative from the company explained, “Kwon Ri Sae is preparing hard to debut in a girl group which is why she has been losing a lot of weight. She appears different because of make-up, outfit, lighting, effects, and weight loss. It is not because of plastic surgery.”

Netizens commented, “Her face has changed so much….“, “I still think she went under the knife“, and “The photos could have been photoshopped excessively“.

Source: Allkpop

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