Monday, 27 February 2017

[Travel] Unplanned Trip to Cameron Highland, Malaysia


Actually, I have something to do at Taiping Perak, Malaysia on 10 February 2017 (Friday) with my family. On the first planning, it's just 1 day trip from Kuala Lumpur to Taiping, Perak. That mean, we'll back Kuala Lumpur on the same day but it's different when my brother makes a detour at the exit of Simpang Pulai, Perak after I make the suggestion to go Cameron Highland. Yes, unexpected holiday plan to me. 

It happens when we're on the way to back home at the Kuala Lumpur. I saw the signboard that writes the exit to Cameron Highland. Then my brother agrees with it. I think the last time I went to Cameron Highland maybe on 2008 or 2009. I really can't remember which year but I already went there by 2 times with my late dad. This is count 3 times I went to Cameron Highland.

Many things were changing at the Cameron Highland, but it's still cold. The temperature is around 15 – 19'C. We're gone visit to the Cameron Highland Tea café at Tanah Rata, The Strawberry Park, cactus garden and flower garden too.

The most I love to eat when arrived at Cameron Highland is strawberry. Anywhere is sell strawberry at the cheap price. Even a lot of variety meal is related with strawberry. 

We're also staying 1 night at Cameron Highland, Pahang before we're back to Kuala Lumpur on next morning. It's fun and enjoyable trip on this early 2017. Sometimes I believe this expected trip can relieve all my stress for the moments.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

[Journal] Birthday's Gifts 2017!

The first things before I start telling about my birthday's gifts in 2017 – I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to all of you, who's wishes to me "Happy Birthday" and I would not forget to my family and also my close friends too for all your support and the gifts to me. It's so wonderful and amazing in this year. Even thought, this is the first I was celebrating my birthday without my lovely dad. I feel that I missing him so much but I start to move in my life and I try my best too.

Among the birthday's gifts I was received are Mirrorless Camera Fujifilm X-T10, English books, Typo Mug (Relax lah), INNISFREE Skincare, Moonshot Cosmetic Lipstick feat BlackPink, Moonshot BIGBANG10, and Korean Books [Maybe Stars Will Take Your Sadness Away features on Goblin -어쩌면 별들이 너의 슬픔을가져갈지도 몰라, Blonote 블로노트 by Tablo Epik High (Korean Edition and TOPIK Korean Vocabulary 40 for Beginner Hangul Study Book 쏙쏙 TOPIK 한국어 어휘 초급 40]. 

Most of these gifts are from my mom. I know she wants to make me happy after my dad passes away. I don't know what to say anymore except THANK YOU. Other people who're also concern about me are my cousin sister, cousin brother, aunty and also close friends. I'm appreciating what they are done to make me feel happy. By the way, I would like to say THANK YOU for your birthday's gifts and treat me lunch for my birthday. 

I also would like to get the new experience of using the new Mirrorless Camera Fujifilm X-T10 on my next family trip. I'm get feeling excited and happy on this next new project. Soon~ I will update about it and stay tune…

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

[Travel] Joyful Trip to Japan in Autumn, 2016 (Day 10)


Let's begin my travelogue episode 10 (13 November 2016 – Sunday) about my trip to Japan with my sister. This day is our last day of Japan Trip. I'm feeling sad to say goodbye to Japan but I know I will come back to Japan soon. 

Our flight from Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan to Kuala Lumpur International Airport is on 10:30 am. Lucky have the direct train from Asakusa Station to Narita Airport by Toei Asakusa Line but our hostel is located nearby Tawaramachi Station so we need to ride a train from Tawaramachi Station until Asakusa Station. Then we need to transfer to Toei Asakusa Line. 

Sorry, my photo turn like this.

We check out from our hostel is around 05:00 am and we can manage to take the train to Narita Airport around 06:38 am. The journey is around 1 hour from Asakusa Station. The fare is JPY 1,290 and I using the ICOCA card too. Like I advise in here, better you double check the time table of the train – at least 1 day before. So you can manage your time well to go to the Narita Airport and try to go there early as you can so. 

We're arriving at Narita International Airport is around 07: 50 am and we're rushing to queue at the luggage check-in counters – plus the queue also long too. After all, is stealing and we also getting our boarding pass, then we're straight going inside to the waiting flight areas. Before that, we take chance to buy some souvenir at the Tax-Free Duty.

Our flight from Narita International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport is on 10:30 am (JST) by Malaysia Airlines. The duration journey is around 6 hours 40 minutes. This plane is quite big too and the seating arrangement is 2 – 4 – 2. Our flight no. is MH 089 (NRT/KUL).

Around 2 hours flight, the cabin crews serve to us the breakfast, which is I choose the beef slice with cream sauce and potato plus apple juice. Since our flight to Kuala Lumpur during the day time, I try my best to get the beautiful sleep on the plane but it's difficult until I think I get the jetlag. It makes me feel not well and headache along with my flight. 

Most of the time on the plane, I just watch the latest movies. The cabin crews were served the refreshment meals to us, before 2 hours landing at the Kuala Lumpur International airport. I choose the salmon onigiri and coffee. 

We've arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on around 17:05 pm (MST). Yes, welcome back to my home. I think it's normal when I back home with extra luggage. (Beg beranak lepas balik holiday, itu perkara normal kan? Hihihi) 

Before I forget, I received my postcard from Tokyo, Japan like after 1 week I was post it at Tokyo Tower on 12 November 2016. I think it's faster than another country I post my postcard before. 

This is what's happen after back from Japan. All the receipts I still keep it for my reference.

That is my travelogue which is episode 1 until 10 at Japan in November 2016 with my sister. I try my best to share all my experiences during this trip. I hope it's useful to everyone – who's plan the holiday to Japan.

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P/S: A few of the photos is the credit to my sister.

Monday, 6 February 2017

[Travel] Joyful Trip to Japan in Autumn, 2016 (Day 9)


Let's begin my travelogue episode 9 (12 November 2016 – Saturday) about my trip to Japan with my sister. I can say on this day is the last day of our tour in Tokyo, Japan before we going back home on the next day.

This day, I was using the Tokyo Subway 24 hour's ticket – Adult of JPY 800. It's the gift from my cousin sister. She went to Tokyo, Japan before me so since she is not using the ticket, then she gives to me. Like the ticket mention of 24 hours, ticket and its can use within 24 hours after you start using it. For example, you start to use it on 10:00 am so you can use it until 09:59 am on the next day. Just need to pay JPY 800 only. This ticket only can use for Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. Its ticket can make you saving your money. To me, I feel its super saving because it's free as the gift from my cousin sister.

For Yurikamome Line, I have to use the ICOCA Card because the Tokyo Subway 24 Hours ticket can't use for that line and also I still have the balance on that card since my trip to Osaka, Japan. But you can use the PASMO card if you have it. 

On the early morning, we're going to Tokyo Tower. I'm lucky when my sister treats me by paying my entrance ticket of Tokyo Tower. Actually, it's my second time going to Tokyo Tower but me never going up before this. So these times, I get the chance to explore new experience with her. 

Tokyo Tower (東京タワー Tōkyō tawā) is a communications and observation tower in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At 332.9 meters (1,092 ft), it is the second-tallest structure in Japan. The structure is and Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.

I can see 360' view of Tokyo City at the Observation level. It's so beautiful. It's also the hot spot in Tokyo, Japan. The price of entrance ticket is JPY 900. Thanks to my sister for her treat. Lucky at the Tokyo Tower can post the postcard. So I take this chance to post my own postcard. It's like the souvenir to me for every country I went. Maybe I will post some postcard to my friends from the country I went in future. So who's the lucky one?

Sorry, my photo turn like this.

Then we're moving to Roppongi for our lunch at Sumiyakiya Restaurant. It is located just 5 minutes by walk from Roppongi Station. We take lunch set meal and the price is around JPY 1,200 – if I not mistake. They serve the halal meal for the Muslim customer. It's so delicious and I also surprised when they also serve kimchi to us. When I saw kimchi, I already miss my hometown. Maybe soon I will back my hometown. I hope so. 

After lunch, we proceed to go Traveler's Factory Nakameguro Shop. I love this shop so much. I can find the new traveler collection. I hope this store will open the new branch in KL soon so I'll easy to find the new collection in my place.

Now, we're going to Odaiba area – which is located the Fuji TV Office, Gundam Robot, and Rainbow Bridge. If I do not mistake, this place like the new island to me but it's so beautiful. 

The Fuji TV Office and Rainbow Bridge is located just near by for each other. Just the Gundam Robot is located at the next road of the Fuji TV Office. We just looking around by walking and takes some photos before going back to our hostel.

Next, we're moving to LAOX Ginza. My sister is looking the Muslim souvenir like chocolate. They are selling the halal souvenirs like chocolate. 

After that, we're going back hostel and start packing our luggage. On the next day, we have to go the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan since our flight on the morning. 

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P/S: A few of the photos is the credit to my sister.