[Travel] Joyful Trip to Japan in Autumn, 2016 (Day 10)

by - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Let's begin my travelogue episode 10 (13 November 2016 – Sunday) about my trip to Japan with my sister. This day is our last day of Japan Trip. I'm feeling sad to say goodbye to Japan but I know I will come back to Japan soon. 

Our flight from Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan to Kuala Lumpur International Airport is on 10:30 am. Lucky have the direct train from Asakusa Station to Narita Airport by Toei Asakusa Line but our hostel is located nearby Tawaramachi Station so we need to ride a train from Tawaramachi Station until Asakusa Station. Then we need to transfer to Toei Asakusa Line. 

Sorry, my photo turn like this.

We check out from our hostel is around 05:00 am and we can manage to take the train to Narita Airport around 06:38 am. The journey is around 1 hour from Asakusa Station. The fare is JPY 1,290 and I using the ICOCA card too. Like I advise in here, better you double check the time table of the train – at least 1 day before. So you can manage your time well to go to the Narita Airport and try to go there early as you can so. 

We're arriving at Narita International Airport is around 07: 50 am and we're rushing to queue at the luggage check-in counters – plus the queue also long too. After all, is stealing and we also getting our boarding pass, then we're straight going inside to the waiting flight areas. Before that, we take chance to buy some souvenir at the Tax-Free Duty.

Our flight from Narita International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport is on 10:30 am (JST) by Malaysia Airlines. The duration journey is around 6 hours 40 minutes. This plane is quite big too and the seating arrangement is 2 – 4 – 2. Our flight no. is MH 089 (NRT/KUL).

Around 2 hours flight, the cabin crews serve to us the breakfast, which is I choose the beef slice with cream sauce and potato plus apple juice. Since our flight to Kuala Lumpur during the day time, I try my best to get the beautiful sleep on the plane but it's difficult until I think I get the jetlag. It makes me feel not well and headache along with my flight. 

Most of the time on the plane, I just watch the latest movies. The cabin crews were served the refreshment meals to us, before 2 hours landing at the Kuala Lumpur International airport. I choose the salmon onigiri and coffee. 

We've arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on around 17:05 pm (MST). Yes, welcome back to my home. I think it's normal when I back home with extra luggage. (Beg beranak lepas balik holiday, itu perkara normal kan? Hihihi) 

Before I forget, I received my postcard from Tokyo, Japan like after 1 week I was post it at Tokyo Tower on 12 November 2016. I think it's faster than another country I post my postcard before. 

This is what's happen after back from Japan. All the receipts I still keep it for my reference.

That is my travelogue which is episode 1 until 10 at Japan in November 2016 with my sister. I try my best to share all my experiences during this trip. I hope it's useful to everyone – who's plan the holiday to Japan.

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P/S: A few of the photos is the credit to my sister.

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  1. To be honest, before reading, I'd expected something more interesting and useful as I'm going to take a trip there! The artcile appeared to be poor.

    1. By the way, thanks for your comment. This article is based on my own experience and also my own researcher so maybe I've lack on some of the part in this trip. I hope you can find more interesting and useful in another blog.