Saturday, 27 June 2015

[Travel] Relaxing at Swiss Garden Residence & Hotel Kuala Lumpur


This month, I take the opportunity to stay at Swiss Garden Residence & Hotel Kuala Lumpur for 2 Days 1 Night on 14 - 15 June 2015 even my house at Kuala Lumpur too. The location just in the middle Kuala Lumpur and near by Bukit Bintang so it’s strategic for whose like to shopping. It’s also near with public transport like monorail and LRT. Since it’s the residence, the concept of this hotel is like Studio House, which is complete with living room, dining room, kitchen, bed room, study space, and bath room.

Luckily, I received free upgrade to the Executive Room in 28th Floors at South Tower. I like the concept the fresh and modern of the Executive Room. This hotel also owns complete facility with swimming pool, hall room, gymnasium, restaurant and more. The price for Executive Room is about RM 1,050 per night but it's free for me during this time. It’s nice to hangout with family together and has fun on weekend. Thanks so much Swiss Garden Residence & Hotel Kuala Lumpur for great accommodation to me and my family. It's a great day for us. 

For more information, visit the Swiss Garden Residence & Hotel Kuala Lumpur website.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

[Beauty] Creative Unique Impression by 3 Concept Eyes (3CE)


Some other of my favorite cosmetic brands from Korea is 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) under Style Nanda. This year, I have gone Style Nanda Flagship Store at Hongdae and I took this opportunity to try some of 3 Concept Eyes products. I’ve sensitive skins’ so it’s difficult for me to try random products because I scare the side effect on my skin, but when I try this brand, its suit to my skin. Now, I was falling in love with Korea Cosmetic Brand 3 Concept Eyes. It’s my second Korea cosmetic brand I like, after MOONSHOT Cosmetic Brand from YG Entertainment. Style Nanda Store is open worldwide shipping by order thru the official Style Nanda English website. Just choose and make payment, then your goods will be arriving at your place.

During my shopping at Style Nanda Flagship Store, I can’t hold myself after I face so much fashion and style I like, include cosmetic of 3 Concept Eyes (3CE). I was bought the cosmetic of 3 Concept Eyes like Lipstick Dangerous Matte (#807 Hypnotic), Lipstick Matte (#609 Jammer), Lipstick Creamy Lip Color (#15 Beloved), Lipstick Matte Lip Crayon (#Rum), Liquid Eye Liner (#Black) and Gel Eye Liner (#Glitter Black).

Let’s me make the simple review of 3 Concept Eyes I was bought at the Style Nanda Flagship Store, Hongdae. The Lipstick Dangerous Matte is non-greasy, non-greasy, powdery finish with this real matte lipstick. Its’ have varied colors and I choose the color (#807 Hypnotic) among the color of (#707 Keen), (#708 Birthday), (#709 Bestie), and (#806 Dusty Coral). The Lipstick Matte is a creamy matte lipstick that adds tension to your lips. Its have 12 variety colors and I choose the color (#609 Jammer), among the color of (#309 Celebrity), (#401 Scandal), (#701 Rondo), (#702 Geeky), (#703 Enchanted), (#704 Curtain Call), (#705 Sugary Cake), (#706 Sweet Impact), (#803 Classic Rosy), (#804 Stay Be Me), and (#805 R19).

The Lipstick Creamy Lip Color is intense moisturizing lip color lipstick that blends into your lips as soon as it is applied. Its essence in the lipstick plays its role in creating those smooth, sleek lips with transparent, rich colors. Its have 16 variety colors and I choose the color (#15 Beloved) among  the colors of (#1 Pick Me Up), (#2 Cotton Pie), (#3 Zoom in), (#4 Joyce), (#5 Dazzling), (#6 Jazzy Pink), (#7 Yippee), (#8 Ladi Dadi), (#9 Kitch Biker), (#10 Roller Coaster), (#11 Love Hate), (#12 Me! Me!), (#13 Vages Night), (#14 Lollipop), and (#16 Giddy Up). The Lipstick Matte Lip Crayon is powdery finish matte lip crayons. The soft lip crayon adheres smoothly onto your lips and imparts a non-oily finish for a chic look. Its have 10 varieties of colors and I choose a color (#Rum), among the colors of (#Speck Low), (#Heaven Way), (#Hotline), (#Terrific), (#Pink Leaves), (#Peekaboo!), (#Blushed), (#Airy Red), and (#Dubious).

The Liquid Eye Liner is liquid type eyeliner has deep and strong colors, it gives a sharp look in your eye. The line stays on for a long time without smudging or fading away. It has 2 colors, which is (#Black) and (#Brown) and I take the color (#Black). Lastly, the Gel Eye Liner helps create eyes that are rich in color and light. It’s too long lasting eyeliner with soft and creamy gel texture used to create smooth eye lines. It has 7 variable colors and I choose the color (#Glitter Black), among the colors of (#Glitter Khaki), (#All Black), (#Love), (#Gliter Red Bean), (#Brown), and (#Light Brown).

That all the simple review of Korean Cosmetic by 3 Concept Eyes (3CE), If you want to know more information about it, just see their official Style Nanda English Website.

Friday, 19 June 2015

[Journal] Blogging with Awesome Opportunity


In the first place, I make blog because I just want to share what I like to do in my life with my best memories so I can find and read back my entire journal in one place only. Only after 2 years, I become more serious in blogging, but my close friend didn’t know about my blog. I feel embarrassed to tell my close friend and family about blog Nina Neulrin until one day, my parents know about it and they want me to carry on what I already do. They give great support to me until today. Nowadays, I would like to share about travelling, foods, café, beauty, fashion, style, photography and lifestyle in my blog.

Luckily, I’ve my best friend – Iffa K. willing to help in change blog design with fresh concept by her expertise in graphic designer. Blogging never has an expiry date and I’ll blogging until the end. That's what I believe in. Perhaps some people think that the popularity of blogs already ended, but it’s not for me. For me, blogging just begin. In 3 years I was blogging with my own blog Nina Neulrin, I was learning many things and I  also work hard for my blog, especially in the year 2015.

A blog is just a business and it’s like my part timer job even thought I had an actual job as an accountant. I work hard to improve my skill in blogging, photograph, and knowledge.

In 2015, I felt quite different rather in a few years ago when I pull my efforts into my blog Nina Neulrin and it’s paid off, thru by invitations events and company include in Malaysia and Korea. Malaysia Travel Magazine Libur were coming out my blog and travel’s stories in their magazine on April 2015 issue. Who's know my blog's stories can come out in magazine. 

Everything changes slowly after I decide to change blog design. Actually, after I make review in some product or events I was invited, I got payment from it even it’s not so much but it is just my extra money. For this year, I make a great deal of collaboration project with my best friend and I so busy with it until the end of this year.

I’m also feeling so happy and appreciate when some of blog readers give me the compliment thru an email or comment on the blog post. I guess most bloggers will feel the same like me too. Blogger is not a celebrity, but we’re happy when people recognize us on the road because they are like our blog.

Friday, 12 June 2015

[Beauty] MOONWALK Colors by MOONSHOT.


Generally, MOONSHOT Brand is YG Entertainment Beauty Brand Line after NONA9ON, the YG Entertainment Fashion Brand Line. MOONSHOT launched at last year in Seoul, Korea and the Official MOONSHOT English website was launched in early of this year for who can’t understand Korean. Nowadays MOONSHOT also opens the international shipping to the entire customers around the world with special membership term.

Since I went to Seoul, Korea in April, 2015 – I take this opportunity to visit MOONSHOT Flagship Store in Ssamcheongdong area. I like the building of MOONSHOT Flagship Store because the architecture, building so unique and I can feel like YG Entertainment style. It's a match with the MOONSHOT Motto – which are we seeking, “Extraordinary in the Ordinary”; ordinary things are the more extraordinary than they appear to be.

Mostly the staff’s of MOONSHOT are men, like 90% and they can speak English even in basic sentence. They are welcome to assist and explain about the MOONSHOT products and at the same time, they will make small magic demonstrate of the product for you – which mean based on the product you ask them. The best part during I shopping at MOONSHOT Flagship Store, the MOONSHOT staffs' so friendly and supporting. After I finish shopping, they sent us at the main door and give us special promotion - which is "High-5" with them. It's so cute?...

I was falling in love with MOONSHOT cosmetic products, after I bought the variety lipsticks MOONSHOT and its suit to my lips’ skin, since my skin is quite sensitive of some product and then it’s hard for me for try random product. Among the lipsticks MOONSHOT I was bought are Crayon Extreme, Cream Paint, and Stick Extreme.

Let’s me make a small review of the lipstick MOONSHOT. The lipstick of Crayon Extreme is multi-use crayon with vivid pigment in soft, creamy formula brings comfortable wearing and color true finish. Multi use item as an eye shadow, blusher and lip. I chose the color #104 Red Bite, among 15 variety colors of Crayon Extreme like #001 Golden Medal, #002 Silver Load, #101 Jenny’s Hair, #102 Folky Pink, #103 Hunting Pink, #105 Impudent Ruby, #106 Devil Red, #201 Spoiled Cerise, #401 Paranoid, #601 Icy Moon, #602 Blue Rose, #701 Purple Garcon, #801 Sandy Dust, and #901 Monster Black.

Second, the lipstick of Cream Paint is multi-use cream paint with surprisingly soft, creamy texture brings luminous powdery finish. The multi-use lip and cheek paint has a moisturizing transforming texture with a powdery finish. I chose the color #103 Strawberry Gelato, among 8 variety colors of Cream Paint like #101 Pink Squeeze, #102 Candy Stick, #104 Pink Punch, #105 Drunken Red, #106 Bonne Mares, #201 Corni Juice, and #701 Soft Lilac.

Lastly, the Stick Extreme is multi-use round shaped stick with vivid pigment in melting rich formula makes for long wearing and color true finish. Multi use item as an eye shadow, shading, blusher, and lip. I chose the color #G105 Swizzle Pink, among 28 variety colors of Stick Extreme like #G101 Hot Salmon, #G102 Lustrous Pink, #G103 Ibisco Pink, #G104 Seine Pink, #G106 Pink Sensation, #G107 Captivating Ruby, #G201 Indian Salmon, #G202 Inca Orange, and more.

Visit the MOONSHOT official website for more info. For the direction to go MOONSHOT Flagship Store in Ssamcheongdong area is easy by subway – City Hall Station (Line 1 & 2) (Exit 4) and take around 40 minutes by walk. If do you want to know full directions, just ask me by e-mail and I’ll give it to you.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

[Travel] Busy Town of Saigon, Vietnam.


Early May, 2015 – I was going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for 4 days 3 nights with my lovely parents after I was back from Seoul, Korea on end of April, 2015. It’s my third vacation as free and easy traveler on half year in 2015. We rested at the Windsor Plaza Hotel, Ho Chi Minh.

Me & My Dad at Roof Top Windsor Plaza Hotel
Me & My Mama at lobby Windsor Plaza Hotel, Ho Chi Minh.
Main Door Windsor Plaza Hotel
Windsor Plaza Hotel, Ho Chi Minh is among the 4 star hotel in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and their service is excellent. I received an executive room along me stay at the Windsor Plaza Hotel. The room is quite nice and big for 3 persons.

Our Executive Room
Picture with Windsor Plaza Hotel's Staffs.
Even this hotel quite far from Ben Thanh Market but they're provided the free bus shuttle for their customers in every 1 hour, based on their schedule. I like to stay this hotel again when I am going to Ho Chi Minh soon or possibly for next year.

Main Road of Ben Thanh Market
Famous screen at Ho Chi Minh, the phone wires.
The View of Ho Chi Minh City from Roof Top Windsor Plaza Hotel.
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam knows as Saigon, Vietnam in long time ago, and then when you hear about Saigon, it’s the same place but I like to call Saigon. I think nowadays in Malaysia – mostly Malaysian will thinks about Saigon is Vietnam Silk because in Saigon, it’s famous with cheaper and better quality silk especially when shopping at Ben Thanh Market. Almost Vietnam people at Ben Thanh Market area can speak Malay and English, so it’s comfortable to communicate with them for buying something. Sometime, I feel like I at Malay Village during the shopping at there.

Me & Mama at Ben Thanh Market
Souvenir at Ben Thanh Market 
Souvenir at Ben Thanh Market 
Yes, there has a lot of beautiful silk with cheaper price and good quality that you are free to choose. For me, I like to buy silk at Ben Thanh Market because I have many choice of silk’s design rather than Chinese Town even to compare the price is a little bit cheaper than Ben Thanh Market.

Flowers at Ben Thanh Market
Silk at Ben Thanh Market
Dress, finish in 1 day only
At the same time, Saigon also famous with 1 day tailor – which mean is your clothes can finish in 1 day only with cheaper price too. It’s great for travelers like we’re. I try it, and I like the result so after this I’ll go there for buy “Baju Raya”.

Muslim Restaurant at Ben Thanh Market area
Muslim Restaurant at Ben Thanh Market area
If Muslim travelers, you don’t so worried about halal foods when travelling to Saigon because you can eat halal meals at restaurants around Ben Thanh Market. There have a lot of restaurant halal at Ben Thanh Market, just choose which one you like to eat but let’s me remind you that price of halal meals at Saigon is quite expensive rather than Kuala Lumpur.

The Trusted Meter Taxi at Ho Chi Minh
Most things that I never seen in my lifetime is the busiest town with a lot of motorcycles on the road even it’s busy with motorcycles but the percentage of incidents in Saigon is low and it’s safe. They say we’re safe to cross the road with a batch of motorcycles, and I try it – for me its look quite dangerous when look so many motorcycles around you but its still safe cross the road.

Not be so surprises, now in Saigon have a lot of Korean Brand shop even from skincare shop until Korean café too and some of Korean Brand shop in Saigon is not yet open in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I also get chance to visit some places like English Town on another side at Saigon, Vietnam – which is near by Ben Thanh Market. Generally, English Town is special for richer peoples because it’s have a lot of 5 stars hotel and above; and branded shopping mall too. I like to shopping there because their have new arrival collection design based on overseas market; yet thought that collection not yet come in to Kuala Lumpur and the price is same in Kuala Lumpur.