[Beauty] MOONWALK Colors by MOONSHOT.

by - Friday, June 12, 2015

Generally, MOONSHOT Brand is YG Entertainment Beauty Brand Line after NONA9ON, the YG Entertainment Fashion Brand Line. MOONSHOT launched at last year in Seoul, Korea and the Official MOONSHOT English website was launched in early of this year for who can’t understand Korean. Nowadays MOONSHOT also opens the international shipping to the entire customers around the world with special membership term.

Since I went to Seoul, Korea in April, 2015 – I take this opportunity to visit MOONSHOT Flagship Store in Ssamcheongdong area. I like the building of MOONSHOT Flagship Store because the architecture, building so unique and I can feel like YG Entertainment style. It's a match with the MOONSHOT Motto – which are we seeking, “Extraordinary in the Ordinary”; ordinary things are the more extraordinary than they appear to be.

Mostly the staff’s of MOONSHOT are men, like 90% and they can speak English even in basic sentence. They are welcome to assist and explain about the MOONSHOT products and at the same time, they will make small magic demonstrate of the product for you – which mean based on the product you ask them. The best part during I shopping at MOONSHOT Flagship Store, the MOONSHOT staffs' so friendly and supporting. After I finish shopping, they sent us at the main door and give us special promotion - which is "High-5" with them. It's so cute?...

I was falling in love with MOONSHOT cosmetic products, after I bought the variety lipsticks MOONSHOT and its suit to my lips’ skin, since my skin is quite sensitive of some product and then it’s hard for me for try random product. Among the lipsticks MOONSHOT I was bought are Crayon Extreme, Cream Paint, and Stick Extreme.

Let’s me make a small review of the lipstick MOONSHOT. The lipstick of Crayon Extreme is multi-use crayon with vivid pigment in soft, creamy formula brings comfortable wearing and color true finish. Multi use item as an eye shadow, blusher and lip. I chose the color #104 Red Bite, among 15 variety colors of Crayon Extreme like #001 Golden Medal, #002 Silver Load, #101 Jenny’s Hair, #102 Folky Pink, #103 Hunting Pink, #105 Impudent Ruby, #106 Devil Red, #201 Spoiled Cerise, #401 Paranoid, #601 Icy Moon, #602 Blue Rose, #701 Purple Garcon, #801 Sandy Dust, and #901 Monster Black.

Second, the lipstick of Cream Paint is multi-use cream paint with surprisingly soft, creamy texture brings luminous powdery finish. The multi-use lip and cheek paint has a moisturizing transforming texture with a powdery finish. I chose the color #103 Strawberry Gelato, among 8 variety colors of Cream Paint like #101 Pink Squeeze, #102 Candy Stick, #104 Pink Punch, #105 Drunken Red, #106 Bonne Mares, #201 Corni Juice, and #701 Soft Lilac.

Lastly, the Stick Extreme is multi-use round shaped stick with vivid pigment in melting rich formula makes for long wearing and color true finish. Multi use item as an eye shadow, shading, blusher, and lip. I chose the color #G105 Swizzle Pink, among 28 variety colors of Stick Extreme like #G101 Hot Salmon, #G102 Lustrous Pink, #G103 Ibisco Pink, #G104 Seine Pink, #G106 Pink Sensation, #G107 Captivating Ruby, #G201 Indian Salmon, #G202 Inca Orange, and more.

Visit the MOONSHOT official website for more info. For the direction to go MOONSHOT Flagship Store in Ssamcheongdong area is easy by subway – City Hall Station (Line 1 & 2) (Exit 4) and take around 40 minutes by walk. If do you want to know full directions, just ask me by e-mail and I’ll give it to you.

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