Wednesday, 27 May 2015

[Food] Candy BigBang YG Krunk!


Nowadays, Malaysia also can feeling the fever of BigBang since they are so busy to promotion BigBang new single album “MADE” series on early first month; which is start on 1st May 2015 until 1st September 2015 of full album BigBang will come out soon. At the same time, they are also busy with their world tour concert – BIGBANG 2015 World Tour [MADE] and we know that BigBang already confirm will make 2 days concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24th July 2015 and 25th July 2015 at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil.

Surprise!! Because of BigBang FEVER! Now, Sticky Hand-Made Candy was come out with new product which is BigBang YG Krunk of each members as we know are G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri. They are packing 5 small bottles in 1 pack and the price is RM 42.30 only includes GST. I just lucky found this at Sticky, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Among flavor of this candy are lemon, Pepsi, orange, green apple, grape, and more.  I think you guys maybe curious about these candy designs – their have each BigBang Krunk, VIP, I Love G-Dragon, I Love Taeyang, I Love TOP, I Love Daesung, and I Love Seungri. For VIPs, grab it until sold out soon and enjoy your BigBang Candy everyday. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

[Travel] Fabulous “MADE” 2015 Opening Concert by BIGBANG.


I can bet that most of the VIPs on around the world are already knew the opening concert BIGBANG 2015 World Tour [MADE] in Seoul, Korea on 25th April 2015 and 26th April 2015 at the Olympic Gymnasiums Stadium.

These times, I got a chance to catch a concert in Seoul again with my best buddy – Iffa K. It's a full house in 2 day concert and the ticket are sold out – since it’s over 3 years, BIGBANG were comeback with new single album “MADE” after their album “ALIVE” and repackage album “STILL ALIVE” on 2012.  But we’re lucky when we still can manage to get concert ticket for 2 day concert.

In reality, their single album was released on 1st May 2015 but BIGBANG were making awesome performance together with two new songs off their new single album “MADE”, which are “LOSER” and “BAE BAE”. They'll also present the new music video of LOSER in the opening concert to all VIPs. We are the luckiest VIPs, who are the first person here and view their new concept of music “MADE” in the concert day before YG Entertainment release as official BIGBANG “MADE” single album “M” on 1st May 2015. For me, BIGBANG want to show the side of them as normal people alike all of we are, which is their also have their own feeling, private time and space as they're needed in their life. At the same time, they look so sexy and mature like a genuine man for me.

The most I like when watching a concert in Seoul is the concert’s decorations and concert's merchandise. Its have variable type of decoration and images of your favorite artist so you can take the pictures as many you like on the concert’s day. They likewise give the great offer for their own related brands; which mean for YG Entertainment are Moon Shot and NONA9ON at the concert days. At the same time, I can choose the concert's merchandise as many I want to buy during the concert day since it's available.

That's why, I and my best buddy – Iffa K. will come to Seoul, Korea and take chances to follow our favorite artist’s concert. The feeling and experience when watching a concert in Seoul is quite a huge different mix feeling between to watching their concerts at our home. Perhaps some of you don’t understand this mean so why not you try once in your life.

Photo credit to Iffa K.

Friday, 22 May 2015

[Travel] OneDay Hanbok


Last year, I received a special invitation to try one day Hanbok from OneDay Hanbok; which is based in Seoul, Korea. Since I was going to Seoul, Korea on last month, so I take this chance to meet Mr Sangju at his shop. His shop is located in Eiljiro-underground mall, which is instantly connected with Euljiro 4 (SA) -ga Station (을지로4가역). In the shop, its have a lot of variety beautiful of the Hanbok you can choose by your own size and likes. They are offers outdoor Hanbok experience with a good rate price for rental the Hanbok based on hours or days.

Even I got invited to try one day Hanbok but I’m so busy with my travel schedule. Perhaps, I just can try a few beautiful Hanbok. It’s a great chance to feeling the traditional Korean dress when you are going to Korea even you not buy it but you can take as many pictures with Hanbok on the great various landmarks in Seoul, Korea. Just visit the website of OneDay Hanbok for more information.

Here, the information of OneDay Hanbok:

Website: OneDay Hanbok

Monday, 18 May 2015

[Travel] Great Connection with Korea’s WiFi (EGG).


It’s hard to update your status in social networks, especially during your holiday? 

For me, internet service is important because I want to find out my incoming emails since I’m a blogger. As a blogger, internet service is important for us to still communicate with our blog readers. Of course, during vacation, I always update my status in social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; that's what I’m doing in overseas – that's why, I need to rental the Mobile WiFi (EGG) during my holiday. 

Luckily, my best friend found the great price for rental a portable Wireless Router (EGG) during our vacation in Seoul, Korea on last month. This Mobile WiFi Router (EGG) provides you internet access everywhere in Korea. WiBro Rental Service is the wireless service that brings you high-speed internet. The price is most affordable rate without a down payment, which they offer for rental the Korea Mobile WiFi (EGG). 

Based on my experience, this pocket WiFi is small and easy to put in a bag. The internet connection is likewise fast and good so I can update my status in social network everywhere and it’s allowed me to check for direction wherever I go around Korea. If it’s fully charged, you’re allowed to use it straight in 8 – 10 hours without using power bank for charging it. When we meet Ms Hyunju for collects and return our pocket WiFi, I quite surprise because she so beautiful and can speak English very well, so you guys don’t too afraid to communicate with her in English.

Here, the information for a Portable Wireless Router (EGG):

Website: Korea WiFi
Tel. No.: 82 - (0)10 - 4576 - 3062
LINE ID: koreawifi

Let's make your vacation at Korea will be unforgettable memories in your life.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

[Inspiration] Tips of Multitask, Blogger.


Did anyone recognize the job as a Blogger? The task as a Blogger is not easy, like someone thinking even they are not full time Blogger. I’m as a Blogger in 3 years – along of 3 years my journey is quite hard, even I’m freelance Blogger. The name as Blogger have 9 jobs in same time; which are a writer, photographer, stylish, fashion editor, an accountant, sales person, socialite, graphic designer, and web designer. Did its sound like multitask of Blogger? Blogger have many things to do in one time, once they start to be a Blogger.

At first, I started to make blog on January 2012 – it’s just like a hobby and I think it’s easy to typing in online journal like blog because it’s fast rather than you writing in a book. After 1 year, I've recognized that I want serious in blogging because I was received quite a lot comment from my families, family and my blog reader about they like to reading my blog. I also active in travelling since 2012 until today and I take this opportunity for create the amazing memories with travelling – at the same time, I want to share this memories with everyone, who have same interest with me.  

Once, I decide to be a blogger – I know I have to be consistent in my actual working as accountant in Travel agency and freelance blogger. Even I already 3 years be a blogger but I still have many things to learn. It’s not easy to be a blogger but it’s so fun and I feel so enjoy to be a blogger.

What’s I was practices to be a blogger?...

List all the ideas for new topic – some ideas will pop-up in the head might while I was working in the office. I was using traditional method in this case, which is I always bring my note book anywhere and I’ll write on it, if I got new ideas. Sometimes, I got the ideas when I saw the pictures I was took before this and with it, I get new ideas. Sometimes, I also using my iPhone to typing the ideas too then I’ll combine all the ideas in my note book.

Make good researcher – my best friend when I do some research is Google. I can get information in any topics that were related in my research. Sometimes, the facts is really important before write the articles about it. Yes, I know most of my topics in my blog are based on my experience and memories. I also reading another bloggers’ blog and I always reading in Bloglovin; in there I can easy access to read a lot of stories from another bloggers in around the world. That why, I love Bloglovin website. Nowadays, I have passion in fashion, style, and trending cosmetics. I learn many things from another blogger too. Thanks for sharing the stories. 

Take the quality pictures – when to post the pictures in the blog, the quality pictures is more important rather than quantity picture; and to get the quality picture, I've to take many pictures as well until I’m satisfied the pictures that I want to upload in my blog. It’s not easy task as blogger, since I not the professional photographer but I always do try and error in this part. The result by the end is turn great as I want to be. Even you’re not the professional photographer but you also can get the quality pictures after you do try and error until you happy the result you’ll get soon. 

Take time – don’t be rushing in posting the topics in the blog. It’s your blog, you are the boss and the same time, you’re also the employee but the best result, you need time to finalize of any topics before you update in the blog. It’s okay, if you not have time to update your blog because when you’re rushing in update the topic, the end of result is not really good. I always plan and schedule the topics before update but when I’m so busy, I try to update after a few days past the dateline.

Redesign blog – in graphic designer and web designer part, I ask my special friend – Iffa K. to help me since I not really understand in this part. Lucky this year, she willing to help me in redesigns my blog. She have major in graphic designer, rather than me which is have major in accounting. It’s amazing when she make my blog design so beautiful than before. I like her jobs. 

That all the methods I always do all the times and I know another bloggers also do almost the same methods with me. As you need to do is just enjoy what’s you love to do in your life. Blogging is not really hard when you know the right way. At the same time, blogging also can make extra money to you. Since September 2014, I get quite a lot sponsorship thru blogging until today also I still received the new collaboration project. I’m so happy to be a blogger. I hope all my tips will help the some bloggers too.