Wednesday, 23 April 2014

[Travel] The Fantastic Family Vacation on Spring Season at Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, China in 2014!


Hello! To all my friends & blog readers! (^_^)

I’m just back from holiday with my parents on last a few weeks ago. This year, we choose to go holiday at China by travel agent. This travel agent is quite famous in Malaysia. We take Apple Muslim Holiday as our travel agent for this vacation.

Actually, we make first decision to go holiday at Beijing, China but after discussion with travel agent, their make suggest to us for go holiday at Hangzhou & Shanghai, China too. Their also have holiday package in three state in China, such as Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai.  The tour fare for this holiday is not too expensive.

For us, we can’t go to China as free & easy traveler because our problem is communication & we don’t know anything about Chinese language. That why, we make decide to take service from travel agent for this vacation. If not, we will lost at China. Hahaha~ (^_^)

Our vacation are start on 5 April 2014 until 12 April 2014, the same date when I was go holiday to Seoul & Jeju Island, Korea on year 2013. This tour’s fare is RM 3,300 per person, that include air ticket for 2 ways by Malaysia Airlines, 4 stars hotels at Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai, Bullet train from Beijing to Hangzhou, transportations, China Visa, meals, tours, tour guide, entrance fees, & tipping. Maybe someone will think this price is quite cheaper, right? Hihihi…

After I go holiday to Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai, China – I can saw the different concepts of city in China. Why I said like that?

First, when we go travel at Beijing, China – I can saw the historical city in big city of China, especially during at The Great Wall & Forbidden City. This place are so beautiful and miracle for me.

 Second, when we go travel to Hangzhou, China – I can saw the relaxation city of China, because at Hangzhou, there are have the big lake & beautiful garden to relaxation with family & friends.

Last, when we go travel to Shanghai, China – I can saw the modern city of China. There is having a lot of higher buildings, especially at New Shanghai City.  

I want to tell you & update all about my first vacation’s story in year 2014 but~ I’m so busy with last preparation for second trip vacation in this year. (^_^)

Okay~ Next week, I will fight again~ This time, I will going holiday with my BFF again~ Hihihi~ (^_^) 

Where? Soon~ I will upload the pictures among of second holiday at my instagram & twitter.

Hits -> We will going holiday around country in Asia as free & easy travelers.

Anyone can guess it? Where we will going holiday this time?

I will update post all story about my vacation in this year, but after I back from second vacation soon. (^_^) Stay tune~

Monday, 21 April 2014

[Event] AlphaBAT First Showcase in Malaysia, 2014 & Audition for New Member.


Brace yourselves, Malaysian Alpha(s)! South Korean rookie idol group, AlphaBAT is coming to our shore for two weeks from 23rd April 2014 to 3rd May 2014, brought to you by New Pro Star! The rookie idol group which comprises of 9 members, B:eta, C:ode, D:elta, E:psilon, F;ie, G:amma, H:eta, I:ota & J:eta, will be having their very first showcase in Malaysia on 27th April 2014 at 3 PM at the concourse area of The Summit Subang USJ!

That's not the only thing New Pro Star has in store! Hold your breath, Korean Pop lovers especially those who are intend to become a Korean Pop idol! An audition will be held to seek a new member of AlphaBAT from Malaysia! The main reasons on why they want to recruit a new member from Malaysia are because of the huge amount of avid supporters of Korean Pop as well as various talents of Malaysians who are also able to speak multi-language.

Following are the audition criteria :
- Age 16-24 years old
- Male
- Height 170 cm
- Talent in rap or singing or dancing
- Speak English or Mandarin

If you are interested and you think you have what it takes, send in a video of not more than 1 minute and 30 secs of a performance to Don't forget to include your name, state and contact details. Deadline is on Friday, 11th April 2014 at 5 PM.

The Korean artiste management will select a few from the audition videos received. Successful candidates will be notified through phone and confirmed by email to proceed to the next stage of the audition which will be held on Sunday, 27th April 2014 at 3 PM at the concourse area of The Summit Subang USJ.

For further information about the audition and the AlphaBAT showcase, please head on to or call 012 2065 918 / 012 5681 147/ 016 7188 966

[Event] Boy Group: MR.MR Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2014.


Mr.Mr is a South Korean boy group who debuted in 2012 under the management of Winning Insight M .The group consists of Jin, ChangJae, Tey, DoYeon and Ryu. They have been performing actively in Korea & Japan. MR.MR is set to perform in Malaysia this August.

Date: 03 August 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 5pm
Venue: Bentley Music Auditorium

Ticket Price: VIP <RM 380> | Zone 1<RM 220> | Zone 2<RM 120>

Purchase Mode/Option: 

Option 1 - Pre sales start on 6th April,11 am at HK Station, Level 6 of Sungei Wang 
(All Zone/VIP Tickets Available)

Option 2 - Online Ticket sales Start on 5th May (Only Zone 1/2 Available) 

Ticket Entitlement: 

- VIP(ONLY 100 TICKETS AVAILABLE) - Front Zone(Free Seating) + 1:1 Photo Session + Pre-Autographed Poster
- Zone 1 - Middle Zone(Free Seating)
- Zone 2 - Back Zone(Free Standing)

Here, the official facebook of E Mu:sic Productions. Visit to more information:

[Event] Sungha Jung Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur, 2014.


Sungha Jung (Korean: 정성하) is a South Korean acoustic finger style guitarist. His YouTube channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers. Sungha creates acoustic covers and arrangements, typically by ear and/or by watching videos, and has original music, which he plays and places online. He was nicknamed the "Guitar Prodigy" and the "August Rush" in Korea, though he prefers to be known as a 'guitarist' rather than a 'guitar prodigy'.

Having Sold out concert around the world & in Malaysia. Sungha Jung is back this year for his concert on 12 July.

Sungha Jung Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur, 2014.

Date: 12 July 2014(Saturday)
Time: 9 pm
Venue: Bentley Music Auditorium

Ticket Price: VIP <RM 260> | Zone 1<RM 160> | Zone 2<RM 120>

Purchase Mode/Option: 

Option 1 - Pre-sales start on 6th April,11 am at HK Station, Level 6 of Sungei Wang
(All Zone/VIP Tickets Available)

Option 2 - Online Ticket sales Start on 5th May(Only Zone 1/2 Available) 

Ticket Entitlement: 

- VIP (ONLY 150 TICKETS ONLY) - Front Zone (Free Seating) + 1:1 Photo Session + Pre-Autographed Monologue CD
- Zone 1 - Middle Zone (Free Seating)
- Zone 2 - Back Zone (Free Seating)

Here, the official facebook of E Mu:sic Productions. Visit to more information:

[Event] Touch Fan Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2014.


Touch will held the TOUCH Fan Tour in Kuala Lumpur at Bentley Music Auditorium on 14 September 2014 (Sunday) (5 pm). The organizer of this event by E Mu:sic Productions.

TOUCH is a 5-member Korean group debuted in 2010 with their self-titled mini-album Touch under YYJ Entertainment. The group name is an acronym for "The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme". They have released albums in Japan & Korea.

Ticket Price: VIP <RM 320> | Zone 1<RM 220> | Zone 2<RM 100>

Purchase Mode/Option:

Option 1 - Pre-sales start on 6th April,11 am at HK Station, Level 6 of Sungei Wang
(All Zone/VIP Tickets Available)

Option 2 - Online Ticket sales Start on 5th May (Only Zone 1/2 Available)

Ticket Entitlement:

- VIP (ONLY 100 TICKETS AVAILABLE) - Front Zone(Free Seating) + 1:1 Photo Session(In Polaroid) + Autograph Session + DVD & CD(Japan Album キミに~Maybe I fall in love~)
- Zone 1 - Middle Zone(Free Seating)
- Zone 2 - Back Zone(Free Standing)

Here, the official facebook of E Mu:sic Productions. Visit to more information:

[News] Korea Plaza KL with New Styles of Website, 2014.


Today (April 21, 2014) Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Malaysia as known as Korea Plaza KL was launching the new style of their website. This times their website look so beautiful and great. At the same time, their also update latest information about Korea Tourism for traveler around the world. It’s easy for traveler to know the latest information before their will go vacation at South Korea, especially for free and easy travelers like me.

As you know, Korea Plaza KL already updates this information at their official Facebook.
Feel free to visit their website and register yourself as a Kaki Korea member (a new club for Korea Plaza KL) and you might be awarded with Korea Tourism Organization exclusive souvenirs*! (^_^)

P/S: For those already register for SKC or known as Saranghae Korea Club membership, Korea Plaza Kl was no longer using SKC card anymore. So you need to register back as Kaki Korea membership. It’s free for register at this website. Just click "my account' at the bottom side of their website and start register at Kaki Korea member. Follow the step. (^_^) I already register as Kaki Korea member, today.

Come and visit our new website and become a Kaki Korea member today!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

[News] Learn about Japanese Culture from Website “Love In Japanese”.


Last 2 months ago, I got an email from Mr. Tony the owner of “Love in Japanese” site and he asks me to make the review about his site on an honest way as a blogger. But, I’m so busy in these 2 months with my actual work so I not have free time to update my blog, and I also not really good to make review. I hope it will going fine. (^_^) 

The great things, I was working at Japanese company that branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of among the staff are Japanese people and they have taught me a little bit about Japanese culture. Now, I know a little bit about Japanese culture, especially in working environments. 

When we talk about Japan, what will you think? Language? Fashion? Foods? Culture? Japanese’s man? or Japanese’s girl?

First things, when I was open this website – I saw the topic about Japanese girls. I think this website is good for those man that want to know about Japanese girls. They tell mostly detail about it. Based on my experience during working at Japanese company, most of Japanese girls are shy, cute, gentle, feminine, beautiful, and high respect to other peoples.

This site was created the resource about it as a one stop guide to help you to understand Japanese girls and Japanese love culture. There is more useful resource that we can learn in one site.

Just visit this website to get most resource about it:
- See more at:

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

[Travel] Spring Season at Jeju Island, Korea~

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When we talk about spring season, I sure a lot of people will think about a variety flowers that will blossom on the spring season. I love spring season, especially in South Korea because early of spring season; my favorite flowers "Cherry Blossom" or known as Sakura will beautiful blossom. The view when the streets have many Cherry Blossom's tree is so nice and romantic on the spring season.

Last year on early of April, 2013; I got chance to saw the real Cherry Blossom flowers in Jeju Island with my friends during our vacation to Seoul, Korea and Jeju Island. That is my first time, I saw the beautiful flowers of Cherry Blossom. I never forget this great memories ever in my life. It's the BEST experience in my life ever.

We were enjoying the great view of Sakura or know as Cherry Blossom at Jeju Island. We know at Seoul in early of April, 2013 is still cold so it’s not have blooming Sakura flower or know as Cherry blossom, because at Seoul is still too cold rather than Jeju Island – Sakura flower will blooming around temperature 13-15’C. But at Jeju Island, Sakaru still blooming and it’s not so many because it’s almost end of Sakura season at Jeju Island area.

Our driver bus so kind, he takes us to the most beautiful place of Sakura flower at Jeju Island before our dinner. This is first times; I saw the real Sakura flower in my life. It’s so beautiful and Sakura flower is my favorite flower.

I was so happy after enjoy watching and take picture at Sakura flower’s place. One of my dreams is come true, after watch and feeling touch the real Sakura flower.

Last year on 2013, I can get this experince between 5 April until 12 April; the Cherry Blossom had a lot of blossom in Jeju Island rather at Seoul; because Seoul is still cold on that time so Cherry Blossom be little bit late to blossom. If not mistake, Cherry Blossom was blossom among Seoul area on end of April.

Anyone know what is name of this yellow flower?? Hihihi It's look familiar?? I thinks this flower so famous in South Korea, especially at Jeju Island during spring season.

Let's me tell the name of the beautiful yellow flowers. It's flowers is Canola. Canola is a crop with plants from three to five feet tall that produce pods from which seeds are harvested and crushed to create canola oil and meal. These plants also produce small, yellow flowers, which beautify the environment.

Canola seeds contain about 44 percent oil. This large percentage of oil comes in a small package; canola seeds are similar in size to poppy seeds, though brownish-black in color. Canola only will blossom in short period during spring season. This flower will blossom same like Cherry Blossom.

Actually, a lot of place at Jeju Island will have Canola especially at the small plantation among the Jeju Island citizen. Even they plant Canola for their produce Canola oil and meal, but for me, Canola also look so beautiful and I never forget to take picture with Canola flower too.. 

 Here, the link of the Spring Festival at South Korea in 2014:



Get your own experience about Spring Season at South Korea, especially during Cherry Blossom was blossom. It's so nice and beautiful. Try your lucky in this year for get the great experience with Cherry Blossom and Canola.

Enjoy your vacation at South Korea... (^_^)v