[Beauty] Mise En Scene Perfect Serum 3Min Salon Mask

by - Monday, May 18, 2020

Another product brand of Mise En Scene, I would like to try Mise En Scene Perfect Serum 3Min Salon Mask (230ml). I bought this product through the Hermo website with the discount price is RM 36.47 from the normal price is RM 42.90. In my previous post, I already my review about the Mise En Scene Perfect Styling Serum and Mise En Scene Perfect Serum (Rose Edition). In this post, I would like to make a review of Mise En Scene Perfect Serum 3Min Salon Mask. 

Mise En Scene Perfect Serum 3Min Salon Mask is intensive care for extremely damaged hair proven with the clinical test in only 3 minutes. The product benefits are 7 naturally derived oils fully nourish hair, which is argan oil (protects hair), olive oil (moisturizes hair and scalp), coconut oil (nourishes hair), jojoba oil (moisturizes hair and scalp), apricot kernel oil (soothes and shine hair), Marula oil (moisturizes and coats hair), and camellia oil (maintains oil and water balance). It's miracle time with professional touch od highly nourishing treatment and daily easy care at home by intensively nourishing hair especially for the damaged hair by frequent styling and/or coloring. 

It's also a long-lasting modern fragrance. I enjoy the luxurious fragrance the amber and patchouli base added with rose and jasmine flora topped with fresh citrus. The texture is highly nourishing, soft, creamy formula evenly spreads to hair and gets absorbed fast. For best results, once or twice per week, after applying treatment, cover the whole hair with a hair cap or steamed towel. It's easy hair treatment at home for me. My hair texture became silky-soft, and do help my dry hair. I would like to give 4.8 stars out of 5 stars for this product. I will repurchase this product in the future. 

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