[Travel] Dream Trip To Western Europe In November 2019 (Day 4)

by - Friday, February 21, 2020

On the previous post on my blog, I was updating the stories on Day 1 until Day 3. Then, I would like to continue on Day 4 on 01 December 2019 (Sunday). This day we have to check-out early from the hotel, around 07:00 am but we've to standby at the lobby area, around 06:30 am. So we can't take our breakfast at the hotel, and then the hotel staffs give the simple breakfast pack (juice pack, milk pack, cereal, cereal bar, and apple) for us. Since it's still early in the morning so I can't breakfast yet, then I just keep it. My mom and sister already make our breakfast pack, so we can eat that once we're on the ferry cruise. 

Actually, on this day is nothing many activities for us – just relax and sleep on the bus. It's because we're moving to Paris, France from London, England by ferry. We have to arrive early at the Dover Port, England for the immigration process and also to avoid the traffic. The journey from London to Dover Port is taken around 1 hour 30 minutes. The outside is still dark and I also still feeling sleepy, then I sleep on the bus until we're reaching the Dover Port.

We're arrived at the Dover Port around 09:00 am. We're lucky that we don't have traffic along our journey to the Dover Port. Then, the driver is the straight drive through immigration before the ride the ferry to Calais, France. If not mistake, it has two times checking point of the immigration – first point, we have to get out from the bus and straight walk to immigration counter for cop our passport (yes, I get cop inside my passport), and the second point, the immigration will get-in the bus to checking our passport again and it has randomly selected luggage check. That all I can remember of those points. 

After that, our bus drives through the toll counter to get the line queue before get-in in the ferry. We're just waiting inside the bus until the bus get-in the ferry. The waiting time, maybe around 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Once the bus already parking inside the ferry, all the passengers need to get off the bus and the bus has to switch off the engine's bus. We've to going-up the ferry lounge – inside the ferry is look like the luxury cruise, which is it's complete with the Free Tax Duty Shops, Starbuck Café, Games Room, outside lounge (smoking area), food court area, and also the casino.  

TIP 10 – All the payment transactions inside the ferry can be made in Euro (€) currency, or Pound Sterling (£, GBP); but it depends on the currency rate on that day.

The journey from the Dover Port to the Calais Port is taken around 1 hour 30 minutes. Since we've got a lot of time so we make this change to take our late breakfast. Of course, we never forget to take some photos around inside the ferry.

TIP 11 – If you easily feeling dizziness and nausea along ride the ferry, it's better you take the medicine at least 30 minutes before you ride the ferry or cruise. When I was riding this ferry, it has felt like slow swinging. My family and I do take the medicine before that, just in case and we do the right choice about that.

Once the ferry is close to the Calais Port, the ferry crews will make the announcement and we've to standby around the door that close by to our bus. It's because all the drivers need to fast remove their vehicle out of the ferry, especially when they parking the vehicle at the in-front the rolls. We're fast walking to the bus and the driver bus already standby by the sign to get off the ferry from the crews. Then, the driver bus is the drive to the meet point of another driver bus waiting. We've to change another bus once we're arriving at Calais, France. The second driver bus will together with us until the end of our trip.

We're lucky when the second bus is the new bus (just 3 months) and everything is nice, including the driver. I don't have any problem with the second driver bus; everything can be compromised with him. Then, we're moving to Paris, France from Calais Port, France. The journey from the Calais Port to Paris is taken around 3 hours and it's also depending on the traffic on that day too. 

Again, along the journey by bus – I just sleep, eat some snacks, and edit photos on the bus. Nothing special is on this Day 4. Once, we've arrived at the Paris City – we're straight going to the restaurant for our first dinner in Paris. The restaurant that we're taken our dinner is Nur Malaysia Paris Restaurant. 

It's a small restaurant for me, and the meal portion is divided equally for everyone, but in another point, I can see they're quite counting and stingy on the menu. Why do I say like that? It's because they want to make an equal meal portion, so everything looks little (one dish only – "Ikan Masak Lemak", that I don't know what's called in English) and that makes some of the member's group upset with that. The menu is simple plain rice with "ikan masak lemak", salad (cucumber and tomato) with "sambal belacan", fruits (like a few slices only for 6 people on the table), and lemon rose drinks. That is all our dinner menu for Day 4 in Paris. 

After dinner, we're check-in in our hotel at the Ibis Paris La Defense Centre Hotel. Again, we have to wait in the lobby area around 20 minutes to 30 minutes for our room keys. They not standby the group room key, they do the check-in process once we've arrived at the hotel. This hotel doesn't have much the triple room so we get the two (2) double rooms with the connecting door on both rooms. The double room is small so they can't put the extra bed. This hotel doesn't provide the kettle or complimentary tea or coffee facilities. It's a nice hotel for 3 days 2 nights in Paris.

That is all my stories on day 4 of this trip. Just for your information, I have been writing the extra note tip about Dream Trip to Western Europe in November 2019 based on my experience during this trip. Feel free to read it. Here, the link to the continued stories about the Dream Trip to Western Europe in November 2019Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, and Day 12.

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