[Travel] #HalalRestaurant 1 – Shogin (쇼긴) Premium Lamb House in Gangnam

by - Friday, March 08, 2019

On mid-January 2019, I have been traveling to Seoul, Korea with my mom. Just to celebrate my birthday and at the same time, my mom wants to feel the winter season in Korea. This trip is so relaxing and shopping for us. Then, I think maybe this trip I want to do the new project of #HalalRestaurant since on the last trip I already do the project of #CaféSeries and #UniqueStore in South Korea. I still do continue the project of #CaféSeries on this trip too but I not have the chance to visit many cafés.  

Before I going to Seoul, Korea – I have been noticed the new restaurant that serves the halal lamb Korean BBQ. This restaurant is located at the Gangnam, Seoul. It's also easy to find this restaurant. Since I'm back to Seoul again this year so I take this chance to visit and try the new halal restaurant in Seoul, Korea with my mom. This restaurant is open on every day from 04:00 pm until 04:00 am (on next day) but sometimes they are open the restaurant quite late so better come after 05:00 pm. 

This restaurant is quite big and comfortable for all customers who are come to this restaurant. This restaurant also provided a prayer room for Muslim customers. It's really convenient. We have been ordered the Marinated Lamb (200g) (KRW 20,000 ~ RM 74.20), Snow Lamb Chop (200g) (KRW 13,000 ~ RM 48.30), and Warm Noodle (KRW 5,000 ~ RM 18.60). Since we're the first customer on that day, the owner of this restaurant serves us with many Korean side dishes. If you have been tried eating the Korean BBQ at the Yang Good Restaurant, this restaurant also serves the same this. But in my personal opinion, this restaurant price is quite cheap and the meal portion is quite big too for example like the worm noodle we're ordered, it's come with a big bowl and we can share together. 

The meals in this restaurant are quite good and delicious too. The owner and staffs are also nice and friendly. I like it so much and I will come again to this restaurant when I'm traveling back to Seoul, Korea again. My mom also likes all the meals we're tasted on that day, but the marinated lamb is quite spicy to us. The owner already told us about that but we want to try and at the same time, we're wondering how spicy it is. For who is can't handle well spicy, I'm not recommending to order the marinated lamb. It is will make you cry. Overall, this restaurant is great, especially to Muslim tourists. 

Address: 552, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06136, South Korea.

Direction: [Subway] Eoju Station (Line 9), Exit 6.

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