[Book] The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

by - Friday, October 05, 2018

This is another book review. I feel like I achieve the target to reading books at least 5 books in half of the year. It's sound little but it's big to me. Since I busy with my work and study, I did not have time to read books, even I have a lot of books in my house but it looks rare I'm reading a book when I have free time. 

On a few months ago, I bought the books of The Traveling Cat Chronicles at the International Book Fair 2018, PWTC. This book was written by Hiro Arikawa and it's in the English language. But the original novel is written in the Japanese language. This book was translated by the Murakami translator by the Philip Gabrie. I took almost 5 days to finish reading this book. The normal price of this book is RM 52.50, but I got a discount and the price after discount is RM 39.97. 

For me, this storyline about the Satoru, a young man who takes his cat Nana on a road trip across Japan to meet some friends from the time of his childhood and youth. We know that Satoru has to make the painful decision of giving away Nana to someone he trusts, but it's not clear why he has to take such a heartbreaking step. But as the journey deepens and the season's change Nana who is wise cat soon begins to realize why they are on this journey and this will soon become totaling devastating to Nana and to the readers. The news is heartbreaking. 

Along with their journey together Nana is always riding in the front seat of the van that Satoru drives. The pair whose bond and love for each other is so strong Nana has become totaling loyal and trusting from the time Satoru took him in from the street. Anyone who loves animals' not just cats will totally understand what I am saying here. Their road trip across Japan together is so incredibly life-affirming and along the way, they will meet some of Satoru's old friends and they too are curious as to why he wants to give Nana away. But Nana has worked it out now. 

A beautiful tale of kindness and so warm and tender and will bring great joy to everyone. This is a book that has sadness, real joy and there is some humor as you take a journey across Japan with Satoru and Nana the cat. This is such as a great book to read with some coffee. 

This is a book that has sadness, real joy and there is some humor as you take a journey across Japan with Satoru and Nana the cat. Make yourself a coffee and settle down with this wonderful book. You will not want to stop reading it. Honestly, I enjoy reading this book. I would like to give the 4 stars out of 5 stars to this book. 

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