[Travel] Trend Korea by Explore Seoul, Gangwon, Gyeonggi & Jeju Island on November 2017 (Day 3)

by - Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Not to be surprised when I told you that I just hang out all day tour at Myeongdong area in third day's trip with my mom and sister. First time in my life, I can hang out at the Myeongdong area from morning until evening. You can't imagine, how much do can I shopping there in one day. I can tell you, it's crazy. 

Actually, this day event is requested by my mom. Last time she came to Seoul by Travel Agent and she can't really explore Myeongdong area. So I make this day for fulfill her wish, especially on shopping part. 

Since the itinerary in Myeongdong area only, I plan to wake up late. Then, we're straight going to the first café to take breakfast; which is YG Republique. I'm sure by the name, everyone already knows who is the owner of this place. Yes, it's own by YG Entertainment. It's quite nice when I can spend my day at this café. 

The story of this place – YG Republique, I already posted it on my blog. Feel free to read about it. So I do not have to repeat the story about it, right? Just lets you know, all the café and stores I have been visited on my trip, I will post on other categories. I was naming it as #CaféSeries and #UniqueStore on another post on my blog. All the detail is in those categories if you want to read about it.

The café games in South Korea are not kidding. If you get chance to travel in South Korea, you have visited at least one café on your trip. The decoration is really art and unique. Even some of the stores also have their own unique concept. They never disappointed you guys. That's why, I never feel boring to going back to Seoul, Korea again. I'm sure I will have new places to visit on my trip. Everything I'm going back to Seoul, Korea; I will explore new places and stores.

The second place I have been visited in Myeongdong area is the StyleNanda Pink Hotel and Pool Pink Café. It's easy to go this store. As you know this time of period is the year-end sale, but since its winter season is the ready to start so most of the fashion is for the winter season. I'm pretty upset when I can't buy anything in here. I can't wear the winter fashion in Malaysia. It's because Malaysia only has summer season only.

Not fooled by the name, this store is the fashion and cosmetics store but the concept of this store is the hotel's concept. It's pretty unique and creative for me. Everything in here is beautiful and wonderful. The café is quite small on the 5th floor, but you can go on the 6th floor for looking your sitting. Let's me the reminder here, the 6th floor is the rooftop so it's mean outdoor. I'm not sure how it does will be in the winter time. 

My third place is Innisfree Green Café. The Innisfree is one of the popular skincare products in South Korea. Did you know, Innisfree also opens the café? Honestly, I just know Innisfree Green Café at Jeju Island. Nowadays, you can spend your time at Innisfree Green Café at Myeongdong Flagship store. The café is located on the 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor. 

I like this café's concept. It looks simple, minimal, and eco-green with fresh green plants. The moments I visit this café, I can feel like I have been in the library. You know what's I mean, right? I wish Innisfree will open this café in Malaysia soon.

Time to stop drinking too much coffee. It's time to get our lunch. We're taking a lunch at the Busan Jib Restaurant. This restaurant is located in Myeongdong area. It's pretty close to Mac Store. Just want to tell you that, this restaurant serves the Halal meals. So for Muslim Tourist, you don't need to worry about it when you're planning to go Myeongdong area.

Most of the menu is Korean food style so you can try to eat Korean Halal foods in here. The taste is original from Korea and it's delicious. The average price in this restaurant is affordable for me. 

After lunch, it does begin our shopping time. As you know, ladies can spend their time more than 5 hours just for shopping. Among the places I go for shopping are Laneige Store, Innisfree Store, Natural Republic Store, Aland Store, 8 Seconds Store, Lotte Young Plaza, The Face Shop Store, Olive & Young Store, Moonshot Store and more. 

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