[Blogging] The Vantage Point Project

by - Monday, August 07, 2017

Since I start serious in blogging, I feel the photography is one of the important element in blogging's world besides of the creative contents. They say the photo can tell the many stories behind of it. I think I agree with it. That why nowadays I try my best to learn about the photography for my blog so my post will look more interesting especially when I was going to travel. 

Lucky this year, I was traveling to many places and I like my new toy (mirror-less camera). Maybe some of my readers already knew which camera I mention it. Yes, it's Fujifilm X-T10. The most problems, I have to face it during the traveling is I have to care the heavy DSLR camera, especially when I have my places to move. Then I realize I have to look the mirror-less camera and also light weight camera to bring anywhere but the quality of the photo is almost same with DSLR camera. Then, I found the Fujifilm X-T10. The quality of the photos by took with this camera is amazing. The looks of this camera also like the vintage camera. I love it so much. I'm sure always caring this camera when I traveling to my next destination on this year soon. And of course technology is always advancing, and I have my eye on this new compact camera by Light which would great to take when traveling.

Photos taken by Fujifilm X-T10 during my vacation at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on March 2017.

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