[Beauty] Botanist the Hair Care from Japan

by - Monday, July 31, 2017

A few weeks ago, I notice the brand Botanist of hair care products from Japan was launch in Sephora Malaysia stores and online. I feel curious about that brand and I make the survey about that. One of Korean Artist; which is Kim Jaejoong from JYJ is recommended it on his Instagram account. I know how particular for him about the beauty line, especially on skincare, and hair care product. 

This Botanist Botanical brand is almost 100% organic, it has more than 90% natural plant-derived components that based on fruits and flowers. The Botanist brands have 2 types of products; which are smooth and moist for shampoo, treatment and hair oil - those are selling at Sephora Malaysia stores and online. Since my hair type is dry at the tail after highlight color, so I choose to try this brand. I bought the Botanist Botanical Shampoo Moist A with the scent apricot and jasmine (490 ml) (RM 78); Botanist Botanical Treatment Moist A with the scent of apple and berry (490 g) (RM 78); and Botanist Botanical Hair Oil Moist with the scent apple and peach (80 ml) (RM 94).

I would like to make the review about these brands after I use it. I have medium long hair and dry at the tail after I make highlight color. I always use more than one palm size amount of shampoo to wash my hair. After I use this brand, I only need 1/3 of the amount is enough to clean my hair thoroughly. The small bubble is soft and the scent of fruits and flowers make me feel relax. 

After shampoo, I use the treatment (conditioner) at the half part of my hair from the middle until the end. Then I wash it with lukewarm water. I feel like my hair has become silky smooth. On halfway through air drying my hair, I use the hair oil from the middle until the end of my hair when its' still wet. Mostly I can feel lightweight, smooth, and also it's easy to brush my hair even on next morning. I like this product so much. I think I already fall in love to this brand. What do can I say? I would like to give 5 stars to this brand.

Maybe the price is petty expensive in Malaysia rather than Japan but I can put it on my beauty list products that I want to buy during my trip to Japan soon. I'm sure this product is much cheaper in Japan. 

For more information, visit the Botanist Instagram

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