[Blogging] Sometimes Changing is Good

by - Monday, May 15, 2017

At the first place, I love blogging so much since in January 2012 but I take seriously in the blogging world in 2015. The beginning I make the blog is for me to write all about my travelogue. It's because I'm not good in creativities to write the journal of travel and I also be sure get forget where I put the journal so I make this blog for that purpose. From the first year I make this blog, I can tell only a few members of families' members and friends known about this. They support me very well, especially my late dad and my lovely mom. Then, I take the first brave step to change my blog layout design. I'm pretty bad in blog design so I ask my friend to make it for me. Even I still blogging using my old link which is www.nina-neulrin.blogspot.com – it's quite long I use that website link.

Then, I take another brave step to change my blog domain name from www.nina-neulrin.blogspot.com to www.ninaenany.com which is you can saw it now on my blog. At the beginning, I quite worried my things before I decide to change it. I try to make survey and research as much as I can. After I feel confidence about it, then I bought the domain name by using NetKL. The most blogger in Malaysia is recommended to use the domain services from NetKL. It's great services and the fees also a reasonable too. I just need to pay RM 45 per year for the domain services and I start to use the new link of www.ninaenany.com since the end of May 2017. So far, I like it. 

Since I already change my blog name to Nina Enany so I think I also need to change my blog layout design again. This time, I also ask my friend to help me about it. I pretty fail to make my own design. Now, I just wait for new blog layout design even I already got my blog business card from my uncle on last week. Thank you, Uncle, for gift me a wonderful blog business card for free. I pretty like as always from the first time you make it for me. I also want to say thank you for my uncle, who support me and I do not forget my mom that she always beside me even I'm in a hard time. 

I'm happy with this changing of my blog and I love it so much. I do not have such as regret to doing this. It's because now, I know what I want to be in future. It's the first step to me catching my dreams. Maybe next 5 years, I can work from home as the full-time blogger. 

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