[Travel] Trip to Japan in 11 Days 9 Nights – Just Below of RM 5,505

by - Thursday, November 03, 2016

On my previous post about "Let's Explore Japan in Autumn, 2016" – I already tell my next trip in 2016 to Japan with my sister. Thanks to her, I can go to Japan again after 2 years. I miss so much Japan. This time, I take the chance to explore Japan in different angles, which are in Japan's culture, foods, entertainment, fashion and more.

Actually, we are planning this trip quite long time ago until we're got the match of the travel date to go Japan. Last 2 years ago, I went to Tokyo, Japan with my friend. Now, I will visit Japan as many states around Japan as I could with my sister – since she never goes to Japan before this so that the strong reasons I want to visit as many places on this time vacation at Japan. For sure, we are so excited!

Here, I will expose the small part of my travel's cost to Japan.

Destination: Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, Mountain Fuji, Universal Studio Japan, and Tokyo Disney Sea. (Almost 65 locations, we'll visit soon).

Duration: 03 November 2016 – 13 November 2016

Flight: Malaysia Airlines (KUL/KIX/NRT/KUL) = RM 1,870

Stay around Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo = JPY 52,500

Entrance Ticket Fee: Universal Studio Japan (JPY 7,400), Tokyo Disney Sea (JPY 7,400), Umeda Sky Building (JPY 800) and Kobe Mysteries Consulate of Trick Art (JPY 800).

Public Transportation – Subway Metro, JR Train and Shinkansen (Kyoto to Tokyo) = JPY 54,720

Japan rate = 0.0294 (Exchange rate currency JPY on end of 2015, this rate based I had change JPY currency before)

Total in Japan Yen = JPY 123,620  

Cost in Japan Yen = JPY 123,620 x 0.0294 = RM 3,635

Total cost = RM 5,505

That all my cost from now, I am not put together the meals cost because I not sure how much the cost of meals in Japan. It also depends on me, if I got really tired I'm sure I just need to sleep only. That why I did not put the meals cost in here. I will update my stories and actual cost during this trip soon after me back from Japan. 

Did you wondering, how can I get the cost? How am I planning this trip? Sure, I would like to share some trip with my blog readers.

The first step – I will make the survey about the destinations I want to go there by taking information such as subway station name, exit no or name, subway line, time operation the business, entrance ticket fee (if have), and the important part is the direction of that places. Then I mix and match all the location by near the subway station so I can manage my time during this trip. I also can minimize the time if I got lost in there. For sure I will lose, it's not impossible but don't worried – it makes the new experience and adventures. A little bit reminder, if you going with someone – please make discussion with them before making any decisions. Try to download the Japan Rail Map on the phone; I'm sure it's so useful, especially when you want to know the location of the subway station. I put all the information I needed just in one itinerary.

The second step – try to set up your date traveling based on which seasons you want to travel. For example me, I want to try travel to Japan in the autumn season. That why I choose travel date on early November 2016. It's the right date for looking red and yellow leaves. Then, when the promotion flight ticket comes I directly booking the flight ticket. It's simple, right? But I have to survey as many as I can until I got news about the promotion price from airlines were open.

The third step – survey about the hotel or hostel around Japan, based on the travel budget. If found the hostel lightly like based on the environment, comfortable, and the building is nice, then directly booking. So it's final step of pre-planning vacation as free and easy. 

The fourth step – play with exchange currency rate. I was tried to monitor the exchange currency rate based on the daily basis. When I got the low rate, I directly exchange the currency as much as I can during that time. It's tricking but its fun too.

The final step – get ready to packing the luggage. Normally, I always got the problem during packing time. It's because I was confused about the style fashion. Of course, I want to look beautiful and stylish during my trip. But my mom and sister always help me on this. Their opinion always helps me to get some idea.

Only five steps, I was taken and keep practice when I was planning my next vacation as free and easy either with my family or my friends. It's simple. Just make yourself confident thru traveling as free and easy. That's all. Hope everything in planning thru well and wonderful. 

Just waiting for my next stories of this trip… Maybe for you to get my latest update of this trip, just follow my Instagram. I will update the stories of this wonderful vacation stories. 

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