[Fashion] Timeless with Daniel Wellington Watches

by - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I was fall in love at the first time, I saw the Daniel Wellington Watches along their Instagram. So I decide to buy the Daniel Wellington Watches after I got ‘bonus' on last a few months ago. It's like my wonderful gift to myself. 

The Daniel Wellington watches are on a quest for perfection, one that starts with – and continues to focus on – the details. This subtle set of qualities is what makes a Daniel Wellington a unique timepiece I'll wear on my wrist for years. Their focus is on a select few watches – designs that have been refined many times over. The result is a watch that anyone can have. But with wear, travel and time – and the straps I choose – a Daniel Wellington watch is an iconic accessory that becomes unique to me and only me.

I was been to choose the Daniel Wellington watch of Classy Winchester – rose gold case with Winchester strap (26mm). The Classy Collection embodies of Scandinavian aesthetic, with minimalistic, deliberate details that have been perfected many times over. A hint of sparkle from exclusive Swarovski crystals on a silver or rose gold case adds a touch of subtle sophistication and confidence. The Classy Collection makes a great style look effortless.

If anyone in Malaysia was have interested to buy the Daniel Wellington Watches, you can buy it in the authorization store from Daniel Wellington. Just visit Daniel Wellington website for more information.

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