[Travel] Wonderful Trip to Turkey with Spring Tulip 2016, Day 2

by - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm excited to share my Turkey Trip on Day 2. Enjoy it...
Let's me continue my vacation stories at Turkey with my lovely family. On the Day 2, we safely arrive at Ankara Esenboga International Airport, Turkey on 11:30 am (Turkey's Time). Actually, no have different of world time between Qatar and Turkey. It's the same time.

The gift from Renk United Travel as our Travel Agent at Turkey. Thanks for the Turkey Map and Postcard.
The first problem for our Tour Leader have to face is one of our group members baggage was lost. He has to settle everything before we're beginning our journey at Turkey and meet our Turkey Tour Guide as know as Ms. Gulhan. Of course, she can speak English but sometimes she cans speaking Malay too – since she still under learning. 

My Mama, Our Tour Guide - Ms Gulhan, Me and My Sister.
Actually, our Tour Guide Ms. Gulhan has already arrived at Ankara Esenboga International Airport, Turkey and she was from Istanbul, Turkey. She was waiting for us at in front of arrived gate withhold the Apple signboard so we're immediately recognized her. The first day at Turkey is quite tired to me because I had a long flight journey even my heart is so excited to explore Turkey for the first time. Almost 1 hour we're at the airport, since we have to wait out Tour Leader settle the problem before we continue our journey. 

Actually, Esenboga International Airport, Turkey to me is a little bit small rather than I image before. After landing, we're directly walking until immigration counters of Turkey then after pass the immigration counters of Turkey; we're saw the baggage pick-up counters. Sometimes, this airport reminds me about Haneda International Airport, Japan.

My Dad and our Driver Bus - Mr Muslem.
She knows we're so tired after the long flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Ankara, Turkey. So she introduced us to our bus driver, Mr. Muslem for us to take rest on the bus. He is so nice and friendly too. We're like him because he is such as the professional driver. Why? He has excellent driver skill and him also the clean person too. Every pit-stop we stop for taking short rest after quite a long journey, he will clean all the bus windows. Every time, we ride his bus we feel like we're riding new bus on every day along our journey at Turkey. 

The view from our bus. This is the journey form Ankara Airport to Cappadocia.

The view from our bus. This is the journey form Ankara Airport to Cappadocia
The first activities in Ankara, Turkey is supposed we have to visit Ataturk Mausoleum, the mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk, the national hero who founded the Turkish Republic. But for our safety in some unexpected situations, so she canceled it. Then, we take the first lunch at Ankara, Turkey before continues our journey to Cappadocia, Turkey.

The pit-stop for our first lunch at Turkey after landing.

The main meals of Beef Kebab as our first lunch.
The first our meals in Turkey is Beef Kebab. It's special menu in Ankara, Turkey. For me, it's quite unique and different if to compare Turkey Kebab in Malaysia but it's delicious. Mostly, Turkish meals are healthy meals so I think I got to lose weight during my vacation at Turkey in this time. Its meals set, which has they started our meals with soup and bread, and then continue with salad, and the main course is Beef Kebab with some rice. Lastly is an apple as our desert. The drink is just plain water or knows as sky juice too.

The in front of signboard Salt Lake
After a nice lunch of Turkish meals, we're continuing our journey to Cappadocia, Turkey. The journey takes almost 3 hours 30 minutes. Before that along the journey to Cappadocia, we stop by at Salt Lake – the largest lake in Turkey with salt waters. Mostly the salt resource in Turkey is from Salt Lake. It's natural salt. It's been used for cooking, beauty products and more.

The nature salts at Salt Lake.

The view of Salt Lake.
Ms. Gulhan said normally they take salt from the lake during the summer time because during that time the water will turn be salts. So it's easy to take. Plus, you can walk on the lake during that time too.

Me at the beside of Salt Lake.
We're just stop-by at Salt Lake in 30 minutes for taking some photos before we're continuing our journey at Cappadocia, Turkey. I really walked on the salt when I want to take some photos at the Salt Lake. It's really salt. During spring seasons, the lake is still having salt waters; even you can see some of the salt at the lake edge.

The view of the journey from Salt Lake to Cappadocia.

The in front of our first hotel at Cappadocia - Dinler Hotels Nevsehir.
We've arrived at Cappadocia, Turkey at around 6 pm (Turkey's Time). We're staying at Dinler Hotels Nevsehir for 2 nights on 21 April 2016 until 23 April 2016. Here, I show our room at Dinler Hotels Nevsehir. 

The view of our room.

The view of our room.
We take dinner just at our hotel only, so we have more time to rest. Maybe, I so tired on the first at Turkey – I just think I want to sleep before our full day tour at Cappadocia on 22 April 2016, Day 3 at Turkey.

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