[Travel] Analog Kitchen, Common Ground Mall at Seoul

by - Tuesday, November 03, 2015

I can't stop to visit more café and restaurant around Seoul when I had a holiday. I would like to try the new environment of unique concept their café and restaurant. Of course, the menu is on my top choice too.

The first thing, I would like to have my lunch at Analog Kitchen, Common Ground Mall because their menu looked delicious and it's one of my favorite meals. I was intrigued by the concept that they are trying to pass on to their customers. The concepts of Analog Kitchen are unique, different, clean, and vintage.  

The grilled calamari rice with the price is KRW 13,000. That comes served on a bed of bean sprouts and chives and topped with a sunny side up egg. The octopus is succulent and not rubbery which is what happens when you overcook it. Just everything about this dish comes perfectly together. 

Actually, the way to eat is same like bibimbap. Just cut the octopus and mix all together, it's so simple and delicious. For sure, I'll go there again soon...

Address Restaurant Analog Kitchen:

광진구 아차산로 200 (Market Hall 3F, 3-6), Ja yang 4 dong, Seoul, 143-841, South Korea

How to go there: 

Take off the Konkuk University Station (건대입구역 Seoul Subway Line 2 or Line 7) (Exit 6)  

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