[Travel] 2015 PeaceMinusOne Exhibition by G-Dragon at Seoul

by - Sunday, October 11, 2015

PeaceMinusOne Exhibition combines the art of contemporary domestic and foreign artists with G-Dragon, Big Bang by the host from Seoul Museum of Art and YG Entertainment. As you recognize, this Exhibition was opened on 9 June 2015 until 23 August 2015 at Seoul Museum of Art.

The exhibition name, ‘PEACEMINUSONE' is another name for the world which G-Dragon perceives and imagines. It reflects the human kind and the world which lack something while it also pursues a peaceful ideal utopia as the word ‘Peace' implies. G-Dragon's music reflects the themes of reality and the virtual world with their contractions and overlaps. In this exhibition, G-Dragon exhibits that the world together with the artists they represent each genre of Korean contemporary art.

It's so wonderful when I get a chance to feel the new experience of artwork and music by attended the ‘PEACEMINUSONE' Exhibition on last month. Just paid the entrance fee ticket KRW 13,000 at the ticket booth outside the Seoul Museum of Art and I can explore the G-Dragon's world in what he interest with.

This is the right spot to explore the G-Dragon's world in the artwork; music and fashion as everyone know G-Dragon is the ‘Fashionista' artists. For all VIPs around the world, if you have a chance to go this place in your country – you must go because it's the reasons why you're a VIP and I'm proud to be VIP since 2006.

Among the merchandises, I was received it when I bought the entrance ticket and I bought it at the "PEACEMINUSONE" Art shop. I never fail to buy the some souvenirs of "PEACEMINUSONE" by G-Dragon.

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