[Travel] Holiday in 2 Countries between on April and May in Year 2014!

by - Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hello! To my friends & blog readers!!
Okay! I can feel that some of you already know about my latest vacation between April and May, right?~ Felling jealous? Don’t be like that.~ Here, I want to share my vacation’s story to all of you. So after this maybe you can be like me too.. (^_^)

On April, I was goes vacation at 3 famous states in China with my lovely parents; which are Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai. I was called this vacation as “The Fantastic Family Vacation on Spring Season at Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai, China in April 2014!”

This vacation are start in 5 April 2014 until 12 April 2014, and we using travel agent’s services; wich is Apple Muslim Holiday.

Last but not least, me second vacation at Tokyo, Japan with my great friend ever, Iffa. For sure, when I go vacation with her – our vacation must relate with Big Bang or YG Entertainment. Oh Yes! We was goes to Tokyo, Japan for watching YG Family 2014 World Tour Concert in Tokyo Dome.

I was called this vacation as “The Amazing Crayon Vacation on Spring Season at Tokyo, Japan in May 2014!” These vacations are start on 2 May 2014 until 7 may 2014. Normally when we go vacation together, we will choice as free and easy traveler.spring

So~ Now! Which story of my vacation that should I share first on my blog?~ Hmmm~
Actually, after I back from Tokyo on last 3 weeks ago – my laptop not running program well so I need to send my laptop to computer hospital or know as computer service center. Now this, I already get back my lovely laptop. Hihihi~

I have a lot of things to update in my blog plus currently I was join “Chingu Program” under Korea Tourism Organization in KL branch as Korea supporter for promote Korea to around the world.
Okay! Which one story first? China vacation? Or Tokyo vacation? Hahaha
Stay Tune!!

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