[Travel] The MichiGo Plan Round One

by - Thursday, July 18, 2013

The MiChiGo Plan – round one A.K.A the friendship vacation with my two “VIP” friends. 

Unbelievable!! When I think back, what I was doing? I thinks that is so crazy plan in my life but I love to do it. It is so memories moment in my life. If I have a chance to do it again with them, sure I will do it. It’s so fun and enjoy.

Actually, we meet last year – during Big Bang Concert Alive Live in Malaysia 2012 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. After that, we become so close, especially during plan and queue to buy VIP ticket concert G-Dragon together at Farenheit88, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur on 11th May 2012.

Then, we planning to make crazy plan that is we want to stay at Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 21st June 2013 until 23rd June 2013 (3 Days 2 Nights). Even thought, the distance from our house to Double Tree Hilton Hotel is around 5KM. The price per night stays at Double Tree Hilton Hotel around RM 428, but we stay 2 nights so the total price is RM 993, include 16% government tax.

That why, we call it crazy plan A.K.A MiChiGo Plan like G-Dragon song.

This hotel is so nice and beautiful. Now, I understand why Big Bang chooses this hotel to stay when they come to Malaysia. 

Oh yes, we stay at Double Tree Hilton Hotel because of Big Bang. We hope we can meet G-Dragon, Taeyang, Big Bang crew and Big Bang Band. We got information that Big Bang will stay again at Double Tree Hilton Hotel for G-Dragan 2013 World Tour: One of a Kind Live in Malaysia Concert on 22nd June 2013 at Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil.

We not sure 100% that they will stay at Double Tree Hilton Hotel for first time, so we just make reservation by online. If they not stay at that hotel, we make it as friendship vacation.

What can I said? It’s lucky. 
They stay at Double Tree Hilton Hotel for 3 days 2 nights. All hotels’ staff so busy does their jobs during Big Bang almost to arrive at the hotel. We not meet G-Dragon and Taeyang when they arrive at hotel because they using VIP road and door for direct go to their rooms. One of hotel security said to us – all crew, dancers and Big Bang already got their room key when their arrive at KLIA so their will direct check in to their own rooms when their arrive at hotel.

So sad~ (T_T)

We still can’t meet them around the hotel during on our vacation until our last days. Normally, they will play at swimming pool or gym but they still not going out, except they going out to go stadium for the concert and KLCC for dinner on last days stay in Malaysia. Maybe because of haze, - during that week Malaysia so worst with haze so for their healthy, they not doing so much outside activities.

But it’s okay, because we still can meet Big Bang Band. We meet all the Big Bang Band, Crews and Dancers, but only 2 persons so supporting and nice, that we can take picture with them - Justin and Bennie. 

Oh Yes! We was goes G-Dragon 2013 World Tour: One of a Kind Live in Malaysia at Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil on 22nd June 2013 (Saturday). We bought VIP ticket and our seat is block 4 rows O at the middle of stage. We can saw so clear G-Dragon and Taeyang face but we not full enjoy on the concert, because it have something happen before the concert start.

On VIP ticket holder place, some fans at the back are running to the front stage for 3 times before the concert start, even thought the MC asking them to sit back to their seating. Organizer not happy with it, they put the gate and so many security in each row and block for control the fans in VIP ticket holder place. 

So sad, we can’t stand up to enjoy the concert and take picture. Even thought, G-Dragon said to VIP ticket holder place, after performance MiChiGo song “I want all of you stand up and enjoy this concert.” If not my mistake, I hear GD said it 2 times. We can’t stand up for enjoy this concert because the security not allow to do that. Even, we stand up, the security ask we to sit back with serious face. They should allow us to stand up for enjoy the concert with condition that we not move from our place.

Actually, it not fair for VIP ticket holder because other ticket holder can stand up and take picture or video. That was happen at G-Dragon concert in Malaysia last month.

Even we not totally enjoy on GD concert but we still happy looking G-Dragon and Taeyang happy and smile during the concert show. We also enjoy this MiChiGo vacation too.

Now, I not care what happen on GD concert in Malaysia because I will make again MiChiGo Plan for round two. This time, I and my friend that together make MiChiGo vacation was planning to go Final Encore G-Dragon 2013 World Tour: One of a Kind Live in Seoul on 31st August 2013 and 1st September 2013. 

Oh Yes! We will go Seoul again this year. Even though, we just back from Seoul around April, 2013 – now we plan to go again around end of August, 2013. This year, I will go Seoul for two times, but I go Seoul this time as free and easy – not with tour agent. (^_^) 

I hope I can super enjoy watching concert at Final Encore G-Dragon 2013 World Tour: One of a Kind Live in Seoul. This is my first time watching live concert in Seoul, rather than my friend that she already go watching live concert in Seoul for 4 times.

On this MiChiGo Vacation, I want to go all places around Seoul. Before this, I not go the entire place that I want to go around Seoul because I join tour agent. Now, I will go again Seoul as free and easy traveler with my friend. She also makes promise with me that she will show the entire place that I want to go around Seoul, include YG Building. (^_^)

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