[Beauty] Korean's Skincare Product

by - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wah!!! Skincare!!!
This is among the korea's product skincare that I bought during my vacation last month at Seoul, Korea. Actually, almost my friends tell me to buy Korea's product skincare that so popular is Odbo. First time, I bought this product rather than The Face Shop and Nature Republic because I using some product from The Face Shop and Nature Republic. 

The Face Shop and Nature Republic is easy to buy in Malaysia. Odbo not yet in Malaysia's market but a lot traveller that go vacation at Seoul, Korea - for sure will buy Odbo. Their said this product so good and suitable with Asian skin. But I still not use yet this product. hihihi

My best friend already try this product and she said this product suitable with her skin. Actually, when look at Odbo box - you guys can saw Samsung logo. My tour guide said whatever the product have Samsung logo - that product is the quality and very good. It's difficult to get Samsung logo because it's under Korean government control. 

Most the mask sheet that i got is the free gift from them. It's good when you can speaking Korean during shopping at Seoul, Korea. I got some good news too, Korean people like Malaysian traveller too so when you said that you from Malaysia in Korean word - for sure they will give you a lot free gift like me... hihihi 

I spend almost KRW 450,000 same with RM 1,350 for buying this korea's product skin care only. It's quite expensive, right?? But if to compare buying in Malaysia, it's quite cheaper. I can save RM800 when I bought this product skin care. 

I will update soon after I use this Odbo product...

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