[Giveaway] K-Pop Contest for All Kpopper 2013

by - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

안녕하세요 친구~ 
Annyeonghaseyo to all Kpopper. (^_^)
Actually, around April, 2013 - I and my best friend will go holiday to Seoul and Jeju Island, Korea for 6 Days 5 Nights. I hope everything going smooth.. (^_^)
I know that everyone has dream to go holiday in Korea. Someday for sure, everyone will go Korea soon - whether for study or holiday. (^_^)
I was thinks, which I want to give something direct from Korea to Kpopper. We as friends, that have same interest and hobbies - I would like to share my happiness to all of you - Kpopper. So that why, I make this contest - the three lucky winners will get the prize that direct I buy from Korea. (^_^)

Simple, you guys know about fan fiction?? (^_^)
Yup, you need to write a story of fan fiction that you like to write or dream off with your favorite's Korean Artist. For example, you can write about a love story with your favorite's Korean Artist. It's depends to your creative, to make the beautiful story of fan fiction. You also can write in between of two languages - Malay or English (depend on you). This contest is open to all Kpopper in Malaysia only. Submit all your beautiful story of fan fiction to this e-mail:

You also need to give me together, all your personal details:

Full Name:
Facebook and Twitter Account's Name: (if have)
No. HP:

P/S: All the personal details must be true and easy to contact.

Duration of this contest is 3 months and 3 weeks. I know that all of you need time to thinks and find ideas for this contest. (^_^)
Dateline of this contest is on 5th May 2013. The lucky winners, I will announce around second week of June, 2013. I will announce the lucky winners of this contest with three ways -
First, I will announce the lucky winner's name in my blog,
Second, I will send e-mail to the winner's e-mail, and
Last, I will send message to the winner directly.
Then, the prize I will post to the winner's place or we will meet up at some place. (depend  on situation)

P/S: I need time to read all your story of fan fiction carefully and make decision for the lucky winners. I hope everyone can understand me. (^_^) If you have any questions about this contest, just ask me at my personal facebook, twitter or this blog. I will reply it as soon as possible. The prize is K-Pop Merchandises - But I not decide yet, what kind of K-Pop Merchandises. I will tell everyone the prize after I come back from my holiday. (^_^)

To all Kpopper, I will like to wish "Good Luck" to everyone. If I have any good news about this contest, I will tell to everyone at my blog, facebook and twitter.

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