[Event] K-Pop Events in Malaysia 2012 - Cancel??

by - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You guys still remember K-Pop Storm live in Malaysia on 6th November 2012?? As you guys know, this concert already cancel last minute. I'm not sure why their cancel but you guys can look at their fb to more infomation.. If about the refund of the ticket still not confirm yet how..


Not only K-Pop Storm was cancel but 2NE1 Global Tour concert in Malaysia 2012 also cancel.

Running Into The Sun (RITS) already give the detail about the refund of the ticket, as below:

Dear all, we are sincerely apologetic about the cancellation of the concert due to unresolved technical issues, and we will refund everyone who have purchased tickets through us via Redtix and Ticketpro. Please read below for the refund details: 

If you have purchased tickets through Redtix: 

1) Refund for cash purchase:
- Refund period: 26/11/2012 – 17/12/2012 
- Refund Outlets: Victoria Music outlets : Sungei Wang, Tropicana & BSC
- Time: 12pm till 8pm (daily)
- Refund form will need to be filled together with the original tickets attached. A photocopy of the ticket must be obtained by the purchaser after submission. (*note: we will only refund the purchaser with original ticket submitted)
- All cash transaction will be refunded to purchaser’s bank account number and no cash refund will be entertained.
- A acknowledgement slip will be given by the outlet as proof of the refund submission.  
- Payment will be credited to purchaser’s bank account within 45 working days upon form submission.

2) Refund for credit card purchase:
- Refund period: immediate till 17/12/2012  (3 weeks)
- Redtix will send an email to all purchasers to inform of the event cancellation and refund process. 
 - All refund payment will be credited back to the purchaser’s credit card account. It will take 45 working days for payment to be credited.
- For further queries, you may send an email to support_redtix@aisasia.com providing the transaction number and the e-ticket attachment.

If you have purchased tickets through Ticketpro: 

1) Refund for cash purchase:
Primary Refund Period: 26 November 2012 – 3 December 2012, 12pm - 8pm daily. 

Refund Outlets:
a)      Rock Corner, Subang Parade                 (26 Nov to 17 Dec)
b)      Rock Corner, The Gardens                    (26 Nov to 17 Dec)
c)       Perfect Time Music S/B, Queensbay     (26 Nov to 3 Dec)
d)         Evolution Music House, Gurney Plaza   (26 Nov to 3 Dec)
e)      Inverno Music Station, Mahkota Parade  (26 Nov to 3 Dec)

Refund form must be completed by the purchaser and passed to the outlet with the original tickets attached – refunds can only be made when the original tickets are returned with the completed refund form.
- Note: Any inaccuracy/incomplete details in the refund form shall delay the refund process. (Purchasers are advised to photocopy tickets beforehand and retain the photocopy for safe-keepings.)
- All CASH TRANSACTIONS will be refunded to PURCHASER’S BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER within 45 working days after form submission

2) Refund for Credit Card purchase: 
- All CREDIT CARD REFUNDS will be credited back to the same credit card account that was used to purchase the tickets.
- Generally, it will take 45 working days for payment to be credited. An official receipt will be given by the outlet as proof of the refund submission.

3) Refund for Internet Credit Card purchase: 
Refund Period - Immediate till 17/12/2012 (3½ weeks)

Ticketpro will cancel customer tickets automatically. Thus the tickets are not valid for future event or future use.
All REFUND PAYMENT will be credited back to the purchaser’s credit card account. Typically, it will take 45 working days for payment to be credited and appear on your account.

For more information, check out:


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