Thursday, 9 April 2015

[Collaboration] Let’s Vacation with us in Seoul, Korea!! (Part 2)


Hi, everyone. Today, I'm excited to announce about this collaborative "Carzy Vacation Project" is sounding crazy and unexpected vacation. As you guys know in my previous blog post, I and my best buddy – Iffa K was planning to begin organizing our “Crazy Vacation Project” at Seoul, Korea; which is we’re open to public to join us on this time. We’re would like to share about our vacation experiences and also to create your vacation will be unforgettable memories that you never make it before. For whose never get experiences to watch Korean concert in Seoul, now is your opportunity to feel the greatest experience like we captured before this.

Last week, YG Entertainment made surprise announce to all VIPs around the universe; which is Big Bang will have the opening concert BIG BANG 2015 WORLD TOUR in Seoul, Korea on 25 April 2015 and 26 April 2015 at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium. As we're planning ahead, we're going to Seoul, Korea on 21 April 2015 until 28 April 2015. This vacation also has something new places that we're going to visit shortly. Everything has been done, and now I simply have to make the amazing itinerary. 

We're also having to announce this Crazy Vacation Project is going to be close the offer on 12 April 2015. First come, first served so hurry up!! Drop us the email and make your holiday to be the BEST vacation ever in your life. We'll see you guys soon... 

Here, our email:

Enany -
Iffa K. -

Sunday, 5 April 2015

[Inspiration] 5 Tips to get Chance Travelling on Every Year.


At one time I started travelling in 2012, I already fall in love with travelling. Now, I try my best to get chance for travelling on every year – even with my parents or friends. I went holiday many places since 2012 until early of 2015, mostly in Asia. All my vacation and travel tips, just in "Travel" categories in my blog post. Feel free to read my blog.

Hong Kong and Shenzen, China on 4 – 8 May 2012.
Singapore on 7 November 2012.
Seoul and Jeju Island, Korea, on 5 – 13 April 2013.
Seoul, Korea on 30 August – 3 September 2013.
Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, China on 6 – 13 April 2014.
Tokyo, Japan on 2 – 7 May 2014.
Seoul, Korea on 11 – 19 October 2014.
Singapore on 1 February 2015.
Seoul, Korea on 21 - 28 April 2015. (Soon)
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 1 - 4 May 2015. (Soon)

Every day I practices this tips then I can go vacation based on my plan. Here, I share some tips to get chance travelling on every year for everyone. 

1. Set Travel Mission.
First, you need to relax and think – where you want to go for your vacation. It's fine, you can start one near place. Then, you start making the "Travel Dream Board" by choosing the beautiful photos of your dream places. Print out the pictures and paste it on the large paper size. You can put the pictures of your dream countries on it. Lastly, lay it in the easy places that you can see all the time. Another of the easy way, you can switch your wallpaper with the picture of your dream places – even on your computer, notebook, tabs, or phone.

2. Recalculate Income and Expenses, Saving.
It's better, if you can start recalculate your income and expenses when you received the salary (if you are working), because you can see clearly where you spend your money on every month. Simply write in plain paper with all your expenses for one month, and try planning your expenses. If you can less some of your expenses, that's not important to you. It’s great.

Attempt to start making, saving on monthly for your travel dream by 15% of your monthly income. If you can’t make it, just try to make saving with a small sum of money. You also can attempt to find extra income for making your dream come true. Just look some chance to make additional income for you. I also do part timer job sometimes, if I want to make extra income. When you can make saving in a short period, which mean you are close to your holiday.

3. Concerned of any Promotion and Discount Events.
Constantly try to update the latest news about any promotion and discount event that related to travelling. You also can make a survey before you make any determination. Choose the best determination. 

4. Plan Budget and Itinerary. 
Always look your budget before you make payment of your vacation. Try to discussion with your members or family, if you are not going alone. If you are travelling alone, try to ask someone – who is familiar with that place you are travelling soon. You will not feel regard about it. 

When you already received your confirmation travel date, I know you are feeling excited and happy. But you will feel more excited, when you draw plans of your full vacation itinerary because you can choose where you want to go without any force or fixed schedule, like from travel agent to give you. At the same time, you will know your expenses during your holiday. But it’s depending on you, if you desire to go with a travel agent or as a free and easy traveler. Follow your heart said…

5. Go and Pack your bags.
Now, you can begin packing for your holiday with beautiful memories. Enjoy your vacation...

That's all the tips I always practice since 2012 for planning my vacations. Just take fun and enjoy what you love to do in your lifetime. Sometimes, crazy vacation will make your vacation unforgettable memories. If anyone has some tips different with all this, let's share with me.

Friday, 3 April 2015

[Editorial] Rare Invitation from Malaysia Travel Magazine, Libur.


I guess this year, I was so lucky and this is the first time in my life…
In last 2 months ago, I only try my luck by sending an email to one of the travel magazine editor in Malaysia about the new program in this magazine. It’s quite surprising when the editor was replying my email and invites me to join on this program. I was invited to compose of 2 topics for his magazine; which are about my blog and share one of my amazing holiday. I prefer to write my amazing holiday in Tokyo, Japan because the great memories around Tokyo, Japan are still fresh in my mind.

Of course, I’m feeling so honoured and happy when I got this invitation because this is the first invitation from Malaysia Travel Magazine, Libur. Both of my stories were out on April issue. That is so fantastic. I also would like to BIG Thank You of both my parents, best friend – Iffa, and also friends – who are always, support me to be a Blogger. It’s so amazing when a Blogger’s story is come out in famous travel Malaysia magazine, which is Libur. 

Have a great time of reading this April issue of Libur magazine. If anyone has same experience with me, let’s share with me.