Friday, 30 October 2015

[Travel] Unique Concept of Common Ground Mall in Seoul


Another attractive place in Seoul is Common Ground Mall, which is Common Ground Mall was opened on April 2015, in Gwangjin district and close by to the Konkuk University (건국대학교). The unique concept design of Common Ground Mall is by using shipping container boxes, with blue colours. 

This shopping mall has consisted of up to 200 boxes of it and over 70 stores and it's also over 20 restaurants are in there. The mall has three zones, which are Street Market, Market Hall and Square between two buildings. I think the main focus is 20s young customers. And thus, the price is reasonable and most it's from the fresh goods of the start-up fashion designers and adventuring goods. 

On the first and second floors, they sell fashion wears, lifestyle goods, accessories and street casual brands with creative ideas and experimental concepts. On the third roof terrace, restaurants and cafes that actually went viral in several sites of Seoul are situated to enjoy the foods, drinks, coffees and teas after or before shopping with romantic and exotic mood. Between the buildings, there is Food Truck Market selling various foods in trucks decorated creative paintings. On a weekend, flea market, flower and gardening market and special performances used to be held.

How to get there; 

Take off the Konkuk University Station (건대입구역 Seoul Subway Line 2 or Line 7) (Exit 6)  

Friday, 23 October 2015

[Travel] Elegance Dior Boutique in Seoul


The most places I want to visit after Esprit Dior Exhibition is Dior Boutique. The latest Dior Boutique, right in the heart of Seoul's Cheongdam-dong district. It's also known as the largest Dior Boutique in Asia and its official opening the boutique on 20 June 2015. The six-story building was designed by architect Christian de Portzamparc, which brings the Dior codes to life with an innovative interpretation.

From the first until the third floor of the Dior Boutique, the exclusive Dior Homme boutique, as well as to women's ready-to-wear, watches and jewelry. On the fourth floor, an art gallery and its private salons display a selection of artworks chosen by Dior, while the top floor, opening onto a terrace, is devoted to the Dior Café, with a menu composed by Pierre Hermé.

I was fall in love with Dior Café, with a menu composed by Pierre Hermé. It's such a nice place to visit and chit chat with friends or anyone when I went to Seoul again.

How to get there;

Take off the Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Line Bundang) (Exit 5)

Friday, 16 October 2015

[Travel] 2015 Esprit Dior Exhibition in Seoul, Korea


Meanwhile ago, I get a chance to visit 2015 Esprit Dior Exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, South Korea. This exhibition was open from 20 June 2015 until 25 August 2015. 

It's so wonderful to experience for me to explore the exclusive mind of Christian Dior, the exhibit shows people just how much passion he has for his work, his strong art influences and fascination for the 18th century, relationships with some of the most famous artists of his time, and his overall mystical talent.

The House of Dior is revealed, with Korean artists, Seon-Ghi Bahk, Lee Bul, Heryun Kim, Kiwon Park, Do-Ho Suh, and Kim Dong-Yoo creating works for the exhibit, along with Raf Simons from Dior, and some of their archives creating both vintage and modern work.

Just in one place, I can get impression certainly is featuring a compilation of accessories, fragrances, historical documents and photographs, Dior doesn't disappoint. It's just beginner to me for learning the interest of Fashions World.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

[Journal] Rainbow after Raining


Now, I'm back after I take a long break. Since I back from my vacation on last 2 months ago, I not feel well. I also have a lot of pending works at the office is waiting dateline. 

I not expected I have to admit at the hospital and received the treatment is mostly like cancer patients even I don't have cancer, just the treatment only. The major factor is stress so doctor advice to control my emotional, and relax if I have to face hard moments. If not, my body will give a reaction and I'll always not feel well because of it. The first time, I do the treatment in my life – I feel so scaring, but my parents and I got support from my officemate, who are like my big sister to me. I would like to say big Thank You to them for always beside me in those moments. From now, I have to start the new healthy lifestyle based on advice from a doctor.

Meanwhile I alone at the hospital, I thinking it exists the True Friends and Love in this world? I only know the True Love exists from parents. Their love, I can't compare to another person in this world. 

Nowadays, I wish I could find my True Love or other words my future husband. Maybe, I was ready to say yes to new adventures. Getting married… have a family… I know nobody will believe it when their hearing this news. But it's true from my heart, even I do not have a boyfriend yet.

Most of advice I remember is my officemate told me. Love is like we're waiting bus, while the bus is coming which is match with you. You just get it to the bus, if you miss it. You don't know when the next bus is coming. It's the same concept with Love or your future husband. When he is already in front of you, you have to accept it. If you miss it, you don't know when you will meet the right person.

How about True Friends? Okay! I already give up and tired to think about it. No comment from now.

I just want to start new adventures again. Wake up from terrible past, even its have wonderful past too. The past is history. I just want to help my parents and I don't want to make trouble to them. I have to pay it because it's all my false. Keep it in my mind, more be careful…

Sunday, 11 October 2015

[Travel] 2015 PeaceMinusOne Exhibition by G-Dragon at Seoul


PeaceMinusOne Exhibition combines the art of contemporary domestic and foreign artists with G-Dragon, Big Bang by the host from Seoul Museum of Art and YG Entertainment. As you recognize, this Exhibition was opened on 9 June 2015 until 23 August 2015 at Seoul Museum of Art.

The exhibition name, ‘PEACEMINUSONE' is another name for the world which G-Dragon perceives and imagines. It reflects the human kind and the world which lack something while it also pursues a peaceful ideal utopia as the word ‘Peace' implies. G-Dragon's music reflects the themes of reality and the virtual world with their contractions and overlaps. In this exhibition, G-Dragon exhibits that the world together with the artists they represent each genre of Korean contemporary art.

It's so wonderful when I get a chance to feel the new experience of artwork and music by attended the ‘PEACEMINUSONE' Exhibition on last month. Just paid the entrance fee ticket KRW 13,000 at the ticket booth outside the Seoul Museum of Art and I can explore the G-Dragon's world in what he interest with.

This is the right spot to explore the G-Dragon's world in the artwork; music and fashion as everyone know G-Dragon is the ‘Fashionista' artists. For all VIPs around the world, if you have a chance to go this place in your country – you must go because it's the reasons why you're a VIP and I'm proud to be VIP since 2006.

Among the merchandises, I was received it when I bought the entrance ticket and I bought it at the "PEACEMINUSONE" Art shop. I never fail to buy the some souvenirs of "PEACEMINUSONE" by G-Dragon.