Monday, 30 November 2015

[Journal] Congratulation to My Dear Friend!!~


Yesterday (29 November 2015), I and my parents were gone to my friend's wedding at Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Congratulation to Amelia and her husband. I wish you guys will be together forever. It's was the great wedding event. I was so happy when I can see my lovely friend getting married even at the same time I was sad too because I'm thinking when it's my time? Hihihi~

We become friend with we're 16 years old. Amelia is good in English and she always helps me when we're study at high school. After that, I was choosing to further study in accounting and she is chosen to study as a doctor. Different course but we're still being good friends. Now, she is married to a doctor too. We're in the same age, but she is getting married first. Maybe after this my turn to getting married too. Who know?

Friday, 27 November 2015

[Shopping] Hello~ SPAO, MIXXO & WHO. A.U Pavilion Kuala Lumpur!


Today is the day (27 November 2015) of SPAO, MIXXO and WHO.A.U Shop Opening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Now, the Korean Fashion Brands of SPAO and MIXXO shop were open at Parkson Pavilion, Level 3. I'm sure, all fans of SM Entertainment Artist's already know this news and they are excited to waiting this day. What does can I say the popularity of Korean culture is already taking their place around the world, include Malaysia too.

It's Korea's leading brand shop of SPAO that offers tons of items including casual wear to men's suits, women's suits, children's clothing, underwear, sportswear, and accessories.

The MIXXO is women's collection consists of basic casual wear, career wear, and suits that are on trend, like other fast-fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, and more. 

The WHO. A. U is offerscasual wear to men's suits, women's suits, children's clothing, sportswear, and accessories. 

Enjoy your shopping day with SPAO, MIXXO and WHO.A.U at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. For more information, just click to SPAO Malaysia Official Facebook and MIXXO Malaysia Official Facebook.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

[Travel] Evening Chic at Han River


Last summer, I got a chance to feel the experience of picnic and ride a bicycle at Han River's area. After almost 5 times, I went to Seoul, Korea; finally I have time to spend at Han River. 

It's so wonderful. I don't know how to expressive it, especially when I ride a bicycle after 15 years. Last time I ride a bicycle when I'm 12 years old. Just rental the bicycle at the Bicycle Rental place around Han River and with rate KRW 3,000/hour or KRW 5,000 for 2 hours. For me, I rental it for 2 hours so I don't need have to rush. Just enjoy my day.

One thing, I respect about Korean's culture is after they finish the picnic; they keep all the trash and clean the place. So you can see this park is always clean, even many people were picnicking there even after work. They also allow for picnicking anywhere they like around the Han River Park as long they can keep it clean. 

How to go there:
Take off the Yeouinaru Station (line 5) [Exit 2/3] 

Friday, 20 November 2015

[Travel] 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Cinema, Sinsa Seoul

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) was opened the new store, which is 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Cinema branch at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul. The concept is same as this shop's same, 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Cinema. Its have 3 floors, include the basement floor. The basement and ground floor is for display of 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) cosmetic products and some products that related with it. The higher floor is for cinema area. 

Actually, only cosmetic products and some products that related with it was selling at Concept Eyes (3CE) Cinema. It's not same with their store at Hongdae brand, which is also selling the Style Nanda's product too.

The special of this store is it has so many place that you get a chance to play with, especially to take some pictures at makeup room area and cinema area too. It's unique to me. 

Address: 533-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul.

How to go there:
Take off at the Sinsa Station (Line 3) [Exit 8]

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

[Café] Cycle De L'EAU Café, Cheondom-dong Seoul


Cycle De L'EAU Café or known as CDL Café. It's this café is sound familiar? I'm sure this café is famous among Kpop fans, especially to Rain's fans. Yes, this café is belonging to Bi Rain and his friends. I take a chance to visit CDL Café at Cheondam-dong area and this is the second café branch of CDL Café. 

The building is quite nice and urban style to me. I like everything at CDL Café. It's a nice place to hangout, even alone or with someone. The menu is standard like another café to me. But you have to go this café when come to Seoul.

How to go there: 
Take off the Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Line Bundang) (Exit 4) 

Friday, 13 November 2015

[Travel] On My Way~ SWAG HipHop Concert in Seoul


First, concert Hip-Hop I was been in my life. It's an amazing experience to me. Actually, Jinusean's Sean has organized Hip-Hop concert fundraiser for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The titled of SWAG is meaning of Seungil Hope Foundation With ALS Give me Hope.

The concert's venue is at AX_Korea in Seoul on 21 August 2015. The line-up Korean Hip-Hop artists such as Jinusean, Tiger JK, Bizzy, Dok2, Beenzino, The Quiett, Crush, and Yankie are performing on that night. The comedian's Kim Ki Ri are lead the concert as host. 

Just lucky am I. I can manage to get ticket concert on that day at the ticket counter and I choose to buy the seating section. As you know, they give the bracelet too at the in front the door before entering the concert. For support this event, I bought some colorful bracelet with ICE after the concert ended. 

I respect what Sean is doing. Sean is one of Jinusen's member, who is known as the "Donation Angel" and he holds the 7th fundraising concert for help people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and get big support from a variety of popular musicians too.  Maybe after this, I want to become the volunteer of this charity event like this too. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

[Travel] Analog Kitchen, Common Ground Mall at Seoul


I can't stop to visit more café and restaurant around Seoul when I had a holiday. I would like to try the new environment of unique concept their café and restaurant. Of course, the menu is on my top choice too.

The first thing, I would like to have my lunch at Analog Kitchen, Common Ground Mall because their menu looked delicious and it's one of my favorite meals. I was intrigued by the concept that they are trying to pass on to their customers. The concepts of Analog Kitchen are unique, different, clean, and vintage.  

The grilled calamari rice with the price is KRW 13,000. That comes served on a bed of bean sprouts and chives and topped with a sunny side up egg. The octopus is succulent and not rubbery which is what happens when you overcook it. Just everything about this dish comes perfectly together. 

Actually, the way to eat is same like bibimbap. Just cut the octopus and mix all together, it's so simple and delicious. For sure, I'll go there again soon...

Address Restaurant Analog Kitchen:

광진구 아차산로 200 (Market Hall 3F, 3-6), Ja yang 4 dong, Seoul, 143-841, South Korea

How to go there: 

Take off the Konkuk University Station (건대입구역 Seoul Subway Line 2 or Line 7) (Exit 6)