Tuesday, 27 January 2015

[Journal] Grateful


This year, I’ve to face the hard time as accountant; which are I’m have to do a lot of paperwork since Malaysia willing start to do GST (Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia) on 1st April 2015 meanwhile I also have to steal the closing accounts of year assessment ended for my company. Early of this year, I’m quite busy with my actual works but that don’t mean I’ve to stop blogging for a while. I’ll find the time to update my blog or reply some email of blog readers sent to me. 

Even thought I was so busy at office, I try my best to find time to make the paperwork for next collaboration project with my best buddy. It’s so nice when my first collaboration project is going so well. Now, I’m feeling excited for next collaboration project with my best buddy. At the same time, I also excited planning next vacation in this year. It’s quite surprised when I know the draft planning of this year vacation was almost 5 countries meanwhile 2 countries was already confirm the travel date and flight booking. I not expected that I can go vacation of this entire vacation plans but whose know the future what’s will to happen? Most of times, I like to do crazy vacation plan at last minutes. Maybe its have unexpected situation again during my crazy vacation. 

My best buddy was told me that “The more we give, the more we get. But you never expected what’s you’ll get from them in the future, just give to them from your sincere heart. Maybe in future, you’ll get the return of most beautiful gifts in your life.” I was believed what’s she told me and it’s already happen to me in this January 2015. I just want to help with my sincere heart and I never expected what I should have in return. I just what to share or help with what’s I have in my life. Now, I was confidence and believe that I’ll get to achieve some of my dreams in this year, since I’ve to work hard for it, and enjoy it soon. Planning~ Saving~ and then Traveling~ 

Soon~ you guys willing to know about next collaboration project of me with my best buddy. I also get rare invitation from Malaysia Travel Magazine for sharing my travel stories from my blog to their magazine on next issue. I’m so excited to look my travel stories in Malaysia Travel Magazine soon. Maybe this year, my luck going well… 

Monday, 26 January 2015

[Journal] Birthday!


Yesterday (25th January 2015) is my 27th birthday. Time was passing to fast and I getting older… Hahaha~ Age just a numbers and I’m still young. What’s can I said that I’m have a lot of dreams need to achieve and enjoy my life everyday.

First, I would like to say BIG THANK YOU for my lovely parents, who are rising me so well to knew this beautiful world. They’re never giving up to teaching and loving me in whatever situation. I’m happy of my life and I’ve not feel any regret of it. I’m so lucky be their daughter and I also feeling very lucky when I’m the only child in my family. Even though , I the only child in my family, that not mean I can get what I want – I still need to work hard in my life for achieve my dreams.

Then, last but not least. I want to say THANK YOU so much for my BEST buddy, who is always support me, give me strengths and believe me rather than other peoples who are talk about me. You are always beside me and sharing with me, whatever in happiness and sadness. Even our friendship is still young. We never lie to each others and that make our friendships getting strong.

I also not to forget to say THANK YOU to my friends, who are wishing me Happy Birthday and Good Luck of Life. 

THANK YOU so much everyone. I’m appreciating all of these wishes to my life. It’s so wonderful. Thank you again~

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

[Collaboration] New Wall’s Design.

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Fresh in 2015, my first project is beginning; which is changing my wall’s layout design of Nina Neulrin blog. Now, my blog have new wall layout design. This project was collaborating with my friend, Iffa K. 

I would like to say big THANK YOU to my lovely friend – Iffa K., who is designed this blog layout for me. It’s also her first project to make the blog design layout. It’s was so wonderful and gorgeous. I LOVE this design. She takes almost 1 month effort to design this blog layout for me, which is based on my personality and our discussion. The inspiration of this new blog designed is watercolors’ concept with sweet touch on major soft colors.  The overall of this blog design layout is AWESOME and one of a kind design!! I never expected that, she can do like this; totally beyond my imagination.

If anyone has interested to redesign your blog or website layout, you can contact and discuss with her directly by her email: iffarizza@yahoo.com 

Live for Dreams, Don’t die with it…

How is your new start in 2015?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

[Shopping] Inspirations in 2015.


I've new books collection to be my inspirations in this year.I went to the big book store in Kuala Lumpur; which is Kinokuniya Book Stores at KLCC. I've found the fashion and photography sections, that I never notice this section until today. Since I've passion about fashion, style and photography so I looking some books that related with it. Lucky, I was found some books that I think will give me new inspirations for me and my blog.

Among my book collections in this year are:

1. A Beautiful Mess, Happy Handmade Home; Painting, Crafting, and Decoration a Cheerful, More Inspiring Space from the Creators of A Beautiful Mess, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.
2. The Busy Girls Guide to Digital Photography by Lorna Yabsley.
3. Asian Street Fashion by James Bent.
4. The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements. The Inside Story of Fashion’s Most Illustrious Magazine.
5. Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards – Jones & Anonymous. From high fashion to high street – looking up the skirts of the world’s most glamorous industry.

I’m so excited to finish reading all these books and the covers of it, make me feel so curious. I think I’ll become like panda after this, because reading these books until dawn. I can feel I can’t stop reading after I started reading these books since I like reading and I've so many books collection in my house. Now, my house will turn to mini library soon… 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

[Journal] Happy Birthday, Nina Neulrin


Happy Birthday to You~ Happy Birthday to You~ 
Happy Birthday to Nina Neulrin~
Happy Birthday to You~

Selamat Hari Lahir~ Nina Neulrin~

Today (3rd January 2015) is the third year of Blog Nina Neulrin Anniversary.Time was passing to fast. I still not believe that my blog already been 3 years now. Even thought, I’m a blogger in 3 years but I still consider myself as beginner blogger. I still have a lot of things have to be learned especially in blogging.

I was start write a blog as a hobby with zero knowledge in blogging or anything related with it. Now, I was improving in blogging and photography after I be a blogger.  I not have the specific concept for my blog, mostly I was writing about me in day’s life and traveling. That is what I love to do in my life – Nina Neulrin blog almost like my personal journal in online; which is I can read back the previous great memories of me, just in one place.

Now, I have interest about fashion, style, design, beauty, photography, and food after I had reading another bloggers’ blog. I like reading others blog, since I've join bloglovin website; it’s easy to reading others blog update post everyday. At the same time, it’s promoting my blog to others bloggers around the world. I also was feeling so happy when my followers in bloglovin reach almost 630++. 

Thanks for reading my blog and give support for me to improve my skill in blogging, even thought I not yet think to be full-time blogger. It’s just my hobby. Sometimes, I feel I want to do some project with others blogger; like collaboration project. I hope I’ll get this chance someday.

January is my favorite month of one year. It’s because in January, I have so many important events in every year. One of it is my birthday… same month with my Nina Neulrin blog anniversary. Hihihi~ I’m excited to wait my wonderful stories in year 2015. I hope everyone will have wonderful stories in year 2015 too.