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[Travel] Dream Come True?!...



Traveling is one of my dreams since I was a child and now it’s already become reality start on the year 2012. When I talk about traveling, I mean traveling to oversea. Hihihi~ Who don’t like travel or holiday in their life? I think most of people in this world were love travel and holiday if their got chance to do it.

After I was finishing my study of Degree in Accounting at University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) in Malaysia on October 2011 – I got a job as accountant at Japan Travel Agent Company in Kuala Lumpur area. I also start saving to go holiday especially holiday to Korea as my first mission by my own money.  I try my best to make saving every month from my salary for my dreams.  (^_^)

Actually on early year 2012, my high school friend asks me to join them to go holiday at Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China for 5 days 4 nights by using Poto Travel Sdn Bhd. That is my first time travel to oversea with friends. Lucky on that time, my parents allow me to join them, even my family vacation to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia on the same month with my oversea vacation.

My date trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China on 3 May 2012 until 7 May 2012 for 5 days 4 nights but the day we want to flight back to Kuala Lumpur, our flight was cancel then we need to stay 1 night at Hong Kong before we flight again to Kuala Lumpur on the next day. That becomes our trip to 6 days 5 nights.

Here, the link of my vacation at Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China in 2012 click here

By the way, my family trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia on 11 May 2012 until 13 May 2012 for 3 days 2 night as free and easy traveler because my parents like go to holiday as free and easy traveler if our vacation in Malaysia. The simple reason is we live in Malaysia so it’s easy to us as Malaysian. The year 2012 is the beginning to achieve my dreams of traveling interests.

Hihihi~ the most I update the travel’s story is when I go holiday to oversea but I forget to update the travel’s stories in Malaysia. Maybe after this, I will update the story about my holiday even in Malaysia too.

Then, end of the year 2012 – I were go to Singapore just for play and enjoy at Universal Studio Singapore (USS) of 2 days 1 night without stay at hotel or guesthouse. That sounds so crazy, right? Hihihi~ But that I was love to do it in my life for enjoy and fun after I was working hard everyday. 

Here, the link of my vacation at Singapore of Universal Studio Singapore (USS) in 2012 click here

Since I was working, that is easy for me to go holiday every year as long as I work hard to make saving. That only can make me feeling so happy and enjoy with my work and hobby as traveler. At the same time, I also like to writing about my great memories and share it on my blog to everyone. Now, I become a blogger.

The year of 2013, my dream comes true again! 

Finally, I got chance to go holiday at South Korea! I ask my high school friends to join me to go holiday at Seoul and Jeju Island, Korea. We go holiday to Seoul and Jeju Island on 5 April 2013 until 12 April 2013 for 8 days 6 nights by Harmony Muslim Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd. 

Here, the link of my vacation at Seoul and Jeju Island in 2013 click here

I not just go Korea for 1 time only but I was going to Korea in 2 times at the same year. Second times, I was going to Seoul, Korea on 30 August 2013 until 3 September 2013 for 5 days 4 nights with my best friends. 

This time, I got chance to feeling the new experience to watching the oversea concert. Lucky for me when this time, Jiyong or know as G-Dragon from Big Bang was allow all fans to records or take the pictures during his concert. Plus on second day concert we meet Win – Team A and Team B of YG TV Program at G-Dragon the final concert in Seoul. We just seat beside Team B even both Teams at G-Dragon’s concert.

When people know I was going to Korea in second times, they will ask me that I not feel boring travel at same country? My answer always same, which is I never feeling boring if I go travel to Korea many times because Korea like my second hometown. I will go to Korea every year when I got chance to do it.

Here, the link of my vacation at Seoul, Korea in 2013 click here

As you know, I will go holiday at oversea every year so in year 2014; not to be surprise when I said that I already back from China and Japan in year 2014. 

Actually, my family trips in this year are we go holiday at Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, China on 5 April 2014 until 12 April 2014 for 8 days 6 nights by Apple Muslim Holidays. Lucky this trip I got sponsor from my parents. Hihihi~ Thanks to them..

P/S: Did you guys notice, the date of my trips in year 2013 and 2014 is same?
5 April 2013 – 12 April 2013; I was goes to Korea.
5 April 2014 – 12 April 2014; 1 was goes to China.

Here, the link of my vacation at Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, China click here

Second trip of year 2014 is Tokyo, Japan with my best friend on 2 May 2014 until 7 May 2014 as free and easy travelers. This time, we were so lucky again! The day we arrive at Tokyo, Japan – we meet YG Family Artists at Haneda Airport. Even I will meet them again at Tokyo Dome for YG Family World Tour in Japan. When I was travel with my best friend together, I can feel something crazy will happen during our vacation. I like doing something that sound so crazy… Hahaha!

Here, the link of my vacation at Tokyo, Japan click here

My vacation not yet ended for the year 2014. Hihihi~ that only part of half year 2014. Soon~ Next vacation will come!!! Hit~> I will go back my second hometown in this year… Yeah!!!


Maybe someone of my blog reader notice that when I was go to holiday with my best friend, we will go to K-Pop concert in oversea; especially it’s was related to YG Entertainment.

What can I said, we are the one of YG Entertainment Artists fans. This is the way, we can make super fun and enjoy from work’s stress. We love do to it together. Now I feel miss so much to all my holiday memories from previous years. All is my great memories to me.

I wish I can travel around the world. I want to see the beautiful of this world. At the same time, I LOVE to see the fashion style in different countries I was going. Maybe in this year, I become more serious in fashion world. Hihihi~

Guess, who make me like this?? Hahaha~

[Event] Running Man Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia, 2014!!


Returning to Asia after the spectacular success of the first Race Start! Running Man Fan Meeting in Singapore last year, ONE HD presents Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia this November.

For the first time ever, 4 members from the urban variety show – Kim Jong Kook, HAHA (Ha Dong Hoon), Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin, will be gathered in Kuala Lumpur for a fun filled 2 hour show featuring an exciting and riveting mix of comedy and song performances! Some lucky fans will even get to share the stage with the stars through interactive and specially tailored games!

VIP (RM729) ticket holders will also receive an exclusive autograph pass, where they will get to meet the stars up close and personal, and get an autograph from one randomly picked Running Man cast member. Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia is organized by ONE HD & Urbanworks Multimedia & Entertainment, with Supporting Sponsor Red Bull No.1 Energy Drink in Malaysia.

The Seating Plan:

The Ticket Price:

VIP - RM 732 (Numbered Seating)
CAT 1 Rock Zone/ CAT 1 - RM 502 (Free Standing/ Numbered Seating)
CAT 2 - RM 432 (Numbered Seating)
CAT 3 - RM 302 (Free Seating)
CAT 4 - RM 202 (Free Seating) 

All VIP ticket holders can receive an exclusive autograph pass to meet the stars up close and get an autograph from 1 of the cast members! 

Type of Seat : Numbered Seat, Free Seating, Free Standing
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Pricing : All Prices include RM3.00 Processing Fee
Sales Channel : All TicketCharge's Authorised Outlets, TicketCharge's Call Centre, TicketCharge's KL Office, TicketCharge's Penang Office, Internet Purchase

For the autograph session, kindly contact the organizer,, and

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

[Travel] The Fantastic Family Vacation on Spring Season at Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai, China in April 2014! @Day 8


The day 8 or know as our last day at China. 

Since it is our last day at Shanghai, China so our tour is also already finishes. We just need to carefully packing our luggage for flight back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our flight by Malaysia Airlines is from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 12 April 2014 (3:35 pm). We have to standby at airport around 1 pm for check in luggage and more.

Actually, I know that 2NE1 and Winner at Shanghai during my holiday for 2NE1 concert in Shanghai, China but I didn’t know that they flight to Japan on 12 April 2014; which is the same day I back to Kuala Lumpur. 

After I chat with my best buddy at Malaysia, she told me that I not see Winner and 2NE1? I in puzzle when she asks me like that because I totally lost any news about K-Pop in China since I can’t open twitter and Facebook at China.

I just late arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport about 2 hours; if I arrive early 2 hours, I will meet them again at airport. It’s okay. If I can’t get chance to meet them at Shanghai Airport - I already get chance to meet them at Tokyo Airport; which is I and my best buddy get chance meet them at Haneda International Airport just we arrive there.

Unexpected situation happen during my holiday with my best buddy – Iffa at Tokyo, Japan. Click here to read my stories at Tokyo Japan on May 2014.

For me, this holiday is so fun and enjoy even thought sometimes I so tired walking, especially during at Tain’ Anmen Square until Forbidden City.

Actually I would like to wish BIG THANK YOU for my LOVELY PARENTS because their so kinds to sponsor me for this trip. I was learning many things during this holiday.

Now this, I feel excited of my next trip in this year – after holiday at China and Japan. Hihihi~ (^_^)

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

[Travel] The Fantastic Family Vacation on Spring Season at Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai, China in April 2014! @Day 7


Our schedule trip at Shanghai also not packs like in Beijing so we can take time to get ready. After breakfast at hotel, we go to Silk Store – that is the compulsory place at Shanghai among this tour.

As normal, they explain to us about the silk from A to Z. 

This is the silk inside the blanket

Did you know about the pillow and blanket that made from silk?
What I want to said is everything made from silk. That first I was heard on that time but price still can buy it.

Then we go to old city of Shanghai to take the picture. I don’t remember what name of this place but I can see the both side city of Shanghai; which are Old City and New City. 

Our Group for China Tour 2014

My dad, My Mama & Me

My dad with our tour guide at Hangzhou & Shanghai (Mr Shi Zhong Quan)

The Old City of Shanghai is different of the building from the New City of Shanghai. Like name Old, of course – most of the building are old. There is not higher building in this place rather than New City. That because the stabilization of land make the different of these two city.

After that, we go to Huai Hai Road; which is this place so high class shopping store. I like the concept at Huai Hai Road – most of the stores have their own concept and outside store. It’s so unique and I know who love goes at this place when he comes to Shanghai, China.

Now, time we go to Nanjing Road. The concept of the Nanjing Road is mostly similar at the Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea. When I walk around Nanjing Road, I keep remember great memories shopping at Myeongdong. I think I miss Korea so much…

During my holiday, I saw the Samsung make concert at Nanjing Road but I not sure who Korean artist that will make the performance. The concert is for the launching event of the Samsung S5 at Shanghai, China.

Our tour journeys already ended.. 

On day 8 we were holiday at China is time to said goodbye..


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[Travel] The Fantastic Family Vacation on Spring Season at Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai, China in April 2014! @Day 6


Morning on sixth day, we were go to Longjing Tea Plantation. The tea farm in Hangzhou is the hometown of the number one Chinese green tea – Longjing.

Longjing literally "Dragon Well” is a name applied to a number of locations and products from the southwestern region of the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, China. Most notably, the name refers to the titular Dragon Well itself, located near Longjing village in Xihu District, as well as the area encompassing the well and the longjing tea famously grown there.

A man is showing to us the way to cook tea leaves.

The Dragon Well region consists of a number of villages, tea plantations, tea houses, parks, and a temple. The area is popular for tea drinking and buying as well as visiting the Eight Scenes of the Dragon Well (龙井八景).

Now the tourism of Longjing Village is being developed and the tourist number is boosting.

First time, I drink green tea are not really have bitter taste. I like this tea and we also can eat Longjing leaf after drink it. It’s so delicious.

Then, we were going to Shanghai, China by bus and this journey takes almost 3 hours. But we take our last lunch at Hangzhou before continue the journey. Shanghai really busy city among the China.

After we arrive at Shanghai, China – we continue our tour at Oriental Pearl TV Tower (2nd Deck). The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is a TV tower in Shanghai, China. Its location at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong district by the side of Huangpu River, opposite The Bund, makes it a distinct landmark in the area. The tower is brightly lit in different LED sequences at night.

I totally scare when I try to stand at the glass floor. I can see so clear the view at below the glass floor – everything looks so small but it is fun too.

The tower has fifteen observatory levels. The highest (known as the Space Module) is at 350 m (1148 ft). The lower levels are at 263 m (863 ft) (Sightseeing Floor) and at 90 m (295 ft) (Space City). There is a revolving restaurant at the 267 m (876 ft) level. The project also contains exhibition facilities, restaurants and a shopping mall. There is also a 20-room hotel called the Space Hotel between the two large spheres. The upper observation platform has an outside area with a glass floor.

Before we check in room, we take our dinner first. We were stay at Rayfont Shanghai Xinhui Hotel for 2 nights. This hotel room is like condominium concept for me because it’s have corridor and we got room at 27 level, so high.

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